Love Series: True Love Wins!

true-loveIf two people, form an online connection, have never met, talked on the phone and have never been in each others presence, or as I like to say, “they haven’t smelled each others breath, yet”, lol, and feel that they have found true love, more power to them and true love wins! It’s either love or insanity!

I am happy when people feel that they have found love. One of the worse things a woman can do is fight for the heart of a man when it’s already taken. It’s a waste of time and energy. So ladies what do you do in that case? You move on. Never mind any revelation you think you may have. I would put it on the shelf and live my life. If it’s from God, it will come to pass if the man makes that choice. I don’t believe destiny just happens. I know for a fact that you can miss destiny. My former Pastor always said “Destiny is not left of to chance, it’s a matter of choice. But once his choice is made, let it go because it’s not going to happen.You will end up with a terrible heartbreak. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated!

I wish the happy couple the greatest happiness. I’M OUT! 🙂 This subject is dead.

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