Girl Please


Many people live their lives only receiving drops here and there of God’s goodness and grace. They live on an up and down roller coaster of awesome highs and depressing lows. God blesses them because He is loving and merciful but only so far.  The full measure of His glory and grace is not released in their lives because although Jesus is their Savior, they have not made Him their Lord. 

When He is Lord, your life is surrendered in obedience and trust in God and His will.  He then can release a great outpour of Himself in your life.  When He is Lord, you may face adversity, but your life remains on a steady climb upward,  going from glory to glory, and from faith to faith.

When He is Lord, you go from just barely surviving on earth to walking in great dominion, authority and power!  You go from…

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Let the Process Have Its Way


You will find yourself in situations that require extraordinary patience.  Take a deep breath and let the process have its way and do its work.  Otherwise, you will find yourself out of the flow of My Spirit and in the throes of frustration and stress.  However, a change in mindset will help you maintain peace in all things, says the Lord.

 James 1:4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

All of us have wanted to have a change in our circumstance immediately, but what we must realize is that God is working things out through the circumstance.

My oldest brother had a massive stroke in 2010. He survived thank God, but he is not the same as you can imagine. I want him back the way he was and believe he will be healed, but it’s a process. God is working on him in the state he is in.

Now, God let me know this was going to happen with my vision. He even showed me the other party involved. Now if God has allowed it (he could have prevented it totally), then there is a purpose and it is a process and for God to stop the process now, would prevent His work from being done.

God told me very clearly that the purpose of this relationship that I am looking at is NOT marriage, so there is another purpose and that thing must continue until that purpose is accomplished. No, it may not feel good, but it will work for the good of all parties involved.

I asked the Lord if I could stop watching, but God told me I must see the demise of this thing. If I don’t I will not be able to move into my next season. Oh yes, there is a MIRACLE YET TO COME!  GOD SAID IT, NOT ME!!!


Keep Believing

The rainbow is a sign of God's promise!

The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise!

Please forgive my little rant, but after much prayer, the Lord made it very clear that I will deteriorate if I don’t stay in faith. Now if you don’t want to hear this, I suggest you stop reading NOW. lol Just a little side joke.

There is a scripture that says whatsoever is not of faith is sin. You see once God reveals a thing, it’s imperative that you keep believing no matter what the circumstance looks like. If God said it and told you mostly everything you would encounter, like he did me, why stop believing?

Not one thing has fallen to the ground and died concerning my vision, so why on earth would I stop believing now especially since God just gave me a missing piece to the puzzle early this morning? Yes, I am back on track and believe GOD, not man, and I’m sure not going to let a little chatter stop me.

God KNOWS the heart of a man and it ain’t over till GOD says it’s over. If it was over, God would not still be talking to me. Enough said!


 Maintain clear perspective, and refuse to allow interim disturbances to dissuade you from strong and abiding faith. Look beyond these short-term difficulties by not giving them more power or significance than they deserve.  I tell you truly that this too shall pass, says the Lord.  Step back from your focus on trouble to see the larger picture of blessings and victory.

1 Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Glad this is not me!!

Girl Please


When you fall in love with a  man who has a divided heart,

your relationship is doomed right from the start. 

As he tries to convince you that things are better than they seem,

 he leads you down a path of empty promises and unfulfilled dreams.


Hot and steamy lovemaking filled with passionate cries are followed by

unanswered calls, disappearing acts and insulting lies.


His smooth and crafty words resonate in your head, as you lie awake at

night in a cold and empty bed.


Being shuffled about like a deck of cards and feeling like a fool, is the price you

pay for being in love with a man who’s totally confused.


You deserve to be loved by a God-fearing man who is stable and sincere, not a man

who has become an expert at saying things every woman wants to hear.



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God Will Take the Sting Out of It!

????????????????????????????????????????????It’s amazing what God can do!!  I was reading some stuff earlier that was making me feel bad and now I am reading that same stuff and I am cracking up laughing. How did God do this?  Well, God sees all and knows all and he knows the heart of a man and he knows me. God knows a whole lot more than we know. I am not ready to embrace my vision again, but God sure made me feel better!!

Have you ever had God take the sting out of something? Have you ever had something hurt you and then took the hurt away?

God told me he was going to stop something and I’ve often wondered how, but now I think I know some of what the hindrance can and will be. But I think there was more also. Oh yes, the sting is GONE!