One Man’s Tragedy, Another Man’s Miracle

It just didn’t makes sense. Sharon had not seen this man in 10 years, but she had never forgotten him. He made her feel like a queen. He loved her just the way she was. They had instant chemistry when they first met. Jamie was a minister, and even though it was not “proper” he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her during the entire sermon. She noticed it and her friend did also. She wondered “did he always do that when he was preaching?”

Later when the congregation went downstairs for refreshments, she avoided eye contact even though she could feel his eyes on her. When she took a peek, he was staring at her. He was drop dead gorgeous and hard to resist, and she was trying to be spiritual, but she was human. It flattered her that such a handsome man would pay that much attention to her, especially since she wasn’t “skinny”.

It was funny, but the day before attending the service she felt compelled to buy this big blue hat. It was an attention getting hat for sure. It truly got his attention and also the face under it, it seems.

Fast forward 10 years later. She found him on a social networking page and they started conversing. He was so happy to hear from her. Their conversations flowed even more than they did 10 years ago. He asked for her number and called her immediately. It was very refreshing because she had just come out of something that made her feel broken.

Jamie told her he thought about her often over the last ten years and heard she had moved out-of-state. He’d been engaged once, but it didn’t work out. She told him that she had been in a relationship for a few years and the man told her she was his tragedy. Jamie, paused on the phone and said “well Sharon, one man’s tragedy is another man’s miracle. And for us to reconnect after all these years and still feel the way we do, you are my miracle. I love you Sharon Johnson.” Sharon’s eyes welled up with tears.

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