I’ll Know it When I See It

Shelley held the phone and was completely silent. She couldn’t believe what John had just said. They had just graduated to talking over the phone after being stuck in cyberspace for nearly 3 years. Most people would have given up by now, but she held on, hoping that they could have more. And now he had the nerve to say “I can’t draw love, but I know it when I see it??” She was just holding the phone thinking “What? Well what on earth do you call this?”

He continued to rattle on questioning her love for him and that he felt someone else loved him more. She chuckled to herself because she knew who he was referring to. John had never given Shelley a chance to get to know him even after they started talking on the phone. He continued to stay guarded. She understood though. He had shared all of his secrets with her online and then, he couldn’t take it back. She knew the unflattering side of him and she knew he was ashamed. He wanted someone who didn’t know him like that, so she understood.

Shelley’s love was based on facts and the other womans love was based on fantasy. John was a real sweetheart, but he definitely had his issues. But so did she. Well at this point there was nothing she could do. She had recently thought about her ex and how she didn’t have to work so hard to prove herself, because he was enamored with her. And that was what she was looking for. After Shelley hung up the phone she cried and then dried her eyes. She realized there was nothing she could do to prove herself. She told him that she sincerely loved him and cared for him and that grown up love takes time to grow. She had a real grown-up love. He was looking for fantasy love. She knew he didn’t really quite understand love. But she knew from experience that real love can develop in many ways.

John called once more and then she never heard from him until several months later. She heard he had went to meet the other woman. John’s sister told her the whole story, because they had become friends and his sister liked Shelley. Angie, (Johns sister) said that John’s expectations were so high about this other woman that when he finally met her, it turned out to be such a disappointment. John told Angie that 5 minutes into their meeting he knew she was not what he wanted. He actually said he felt it when she entered the restaurant, but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. They only had one date and Angie said, that John wanted to call Shelley, right away, but he was afraid of the reception he would get.

After Shelley spoke to Angie, she did have mixed feelings. After all she was only human. “Why do men think they can leave you hanging and it’s ok?” she thought. She didn’t know if she wanted to see him again. But then another month passed and she started really missing him. But she refused to show it. She had been hurt too deeply and it left her a little jaded and she had to be more careful with her feelings now. She really wanted to let go.

Exactly 4 months to the day that Shelley last heard from John her doorbell rang. It startled her because she wasn’t expecting anyone. She looked through the peephole and there was John with 3 dozen roses, each dozen in a different color. They stood there for what seemed like an eternity and then Shelley lifted her arms, reaching to embrace him. John looked shocked…tears began to roll down his checks and then he said almost in a whisper..”I told you I’ll know love when I see it”.

Alternate ending:

Exactly 4 months to the day that Shelley last heard from John her doorbell rang and startled her. She was not expecting a visit. Her blinds were already closed and she peeked out. She was shocked to see John with roses. She backed up quietly and decided to pretend she was not home. Her heart could no longer take it. So she decided to wait for him to leave. He had a bouquet of roses and he left the flowers on her porch and walked away. They never talked to each other ever again.


7 thoughts on “I’ll Know it When I See It

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  2. Ohhh, two endings. The hearts and flowers romantic person in me wants the first one to be the real ending but the you-lost-her-and-its-your-own-fault person in me wants the second ending.

    I enjoyed your story! Thanks.

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