Stress Eating

stress-eatingLately I have been eating a lot of stuff I have no business eating. I’ve worked so hard and now I am starting to regain some of the weight I lost. It’s a bummer and I really need to gain control very soon before I gain it all back, but I am going to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Everyone has a weakness for something. I was overcoming this battle, but some stressful situations have made  me turn to my old friend again (food).

Stress is a killer and it’s so important that we take control of it. It’s important to get the people and things our of our life that cause us stress.

But along with stress, adding overeating, smoking, drinking and anything else is surely a killer! God help me, God help  us!

Psalm 34:19

King James Version (KJV)

19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.

I Am Not The One!

I came to some conclusions and sometimes we have look at a situation and see it for what it is. All along even though everything God told me about this “vision” has come to pass, I have made the decision that this is where I get off this “ride”.

I am too special a woman to be treated like this. I am not second best, I am one of God’s best women. A rare find and I had forgotten that. I had such an epiphany early this morning. I would not, could not, will not be coming AFTER someone decides they don’t want someone else. It is desire that lets us know if something is of God.

I have no desire for this person who was in my “vision” and he has no desire for me and I certainly must accept his choice. I am free and I will not be entangled again in bondage. So what was that, that I went through? Don’t have a clue but I will be okay.

What freed me is when I started thinking about this man going public and what if it didn’t work out, would I want this then and the answer was, forgive me saints “HECK NO!” I am not a second best girl or a woman to be chosen last.

This experience may be used by God for me to help someone. I don’t understand it all. I don’t understand everything coming to pass and it not happening, but I have made my peace with it and I am moving on. This vision is OFFICIALLY DEAD.


Yes it does!!!

A Prophetic Walk

true-loveIf two people, form an online connection, have never met, talked on the phone and have never been in each others presence, or as I like to say, “they haven’t smelled each others breath, yet”, lol, and feel that they have found true love, more power to them and true love wins! It’s either love or insanity!

I am happy when people feel that they have found love. One of the worse things a woman can do is fight for the heart of a man when it’s already taken. It’s a waste of time and energy. So ladies what do you do in that case? You move on. Never mind any revelation you think you may have. I would put it on the shelf and live my life. If it’s from God, it will come to pass if the man makes that choice. I don’t believe destiny just happens. I…

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God’s Intention


Come close to Me and yield to My intentions.  If you desire to do My will and submit to that desire, you will walk in truth and power.  Let your worship and your prayers be the pure and undefiled work of My Spirit, says the Lord.  Now is the time to be lifted up in righteousness and true discernment.

Psalms 89:16  In Your name they rejoice all day long, and in Your righteousness they are exalted.

This Word got me. It will never work if you fight God’s intention, meaning HIS WILL. Even though I want God’s will, the truth is I have been fighting it for a very long time.

Help us Lord to yield. Not my will, but thy will be done! Amen and amen!

I Can’t Stop a Thing!

You know I was talking to my friend today and telling her what I was going through and she said to stop blogging and that made me mad. She was concerned that I would stir someones wrath up against me. But guess what? This is a free country and I can do what I want to do. This is my blog and I can say what I want.

Someone keeps telling me I have no control, and I don’t, but then they act like I do. The truth is I have not been able to stop anything in that persons life.They live and do whatever they want and I have NO influence at all that I know of. If I did, they wouldn’t be doing some of the stuff I’ve heard they are doing. lol I have a right to proclaim what God said to me and if it doesn’t happen, I will just have egg on my face. So what is the problem??? The truth is I don’t even want this anymore. To me it is too tainted. Just think about it. Who wants to be the last possible choice of someone?? Not me.

It’s gone way to out of pocket for my tastes. I am something special. A RARE find. Any man would blessed to have me. No baggage, no exes and no baby daddies. A heart that would be COMPLETELY for my mate. Not divided. Like the prophet said, I have to keep reminding myself of how special I am.

I don’t understand all of this, but I will be okay with God having someone else for me. Just fine. This is deadline week for me. Either there is going to be a divine reversal like my Pastor preached, or I am letting this go for GOOD. And on the note, GOODNIGHT! 🙂


Pay attention and be aware.  I am releasing new insights into your spiritual progression so that you can see more completely how to cooperate with the work that I am doing in your life, says the Lord.  This may not be an easy journey, but it will be fruitful if you stay on course.  Take every step in faith that I am with you and completing the good work I have begun.  Philippians 1:6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.