This Made Me Feel Good!

intimidated-womanLast month I rode to church with this very young couple and we were talking and some how (I don’t even know how) I shared how I had this space under my sink that the contractors left open. Then I had a dream that I saw a rat-tail under there, so naturally I was concerned. I don’t know how I allowed the contractors to leave it like that, but I was having other issues with them at the time.

Well long story short, the boyfriend (they are a boyfriend/girlfriend couple) who is a  pastor at the church offered to fix the issue under my sink. So we kept trying to co-ordinate it, via phone and the last time we did, he told me to speak to his girlfriend after church. Well I didn’t go to church that next Sunday and I texted her and she never responded.

Well this morning I saw them and I got that vibe from the girlfriend. You know the warm/cold vibe and honestly I don’t even know her well enough for us to have an issue. But I knew immediately it was about the repair session and that she didn’t want it to take place. Then what really gave it away was her boyfriend. Usually warm and friendly he avoided me at all cost. Well, I am okay with that because if the subject ever comes up again, I will let him off the hook. I know he wanted to be a person of his word, but he is no longer obligated anymore (never really was).

I had sensed this earlier from her, but kind of brushed it off. I’m thinking they a young couple (between 25-30) compared to me, so what is the girlfriend concerned about? Honestly, the fact that this pretty young girl is intimidated by me is hilarious. I’m thinking if I still have this effect, I must still have a little something going on for myself.

This couple doesn’t know it, but they paid me the greatest compliment EVER and really motivated me to really become intimidating. (just kidding).

God knows what to do, to make us feel better about ourselves and honestly if that was the purpose of this incident, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! LOL