The Unintentional Lie

It was the worse week of her life on many levels. Not only was Ayana trying to stay afloat financially, her lights had been cut off. Then she was also dealing with this nagging situation that would not resolve itself. She had a male friend who was in and out of her life. Something weird was going on and Ayana didn’t have a clue why she was bothered by it all.

Ayana called her best friend Valencia and had a heart to heart. It had been a long time since she discussed him with anyone. It was this never ending saga.. “He wants someone who is already in love with him” said Ayana to Valencia. I think that is crazy. I think a person should take the time to fall in love. But I don’t love him”. Valencia listened intently to Ayana venting, as she always did, not offering advice, but just supporting her friend.

“Yeah, Valencia, but I’m not in love with him”. Ayana, paused and suddenly she realized that she was lying. “Wow” she thought to herself. It was like she had an epiphany. She didn’t say anything to Valencia, but all of a sudden, she realized she was not telling the truth. She had told an unintentional lie.

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