Cyber Relating Pt. 2

lady on computerI was thinking about the many people who’ve I’ve met online and how most of the relationships (female friends) went to the telephone. It was a natural transition and with most it was quite comfortable.

With one of the friendships, the woman was a bit younger, so we had like a little sister, big sister type connection. She was funny, witty and we got along great. Unfortunately we no longer talk. Nothing bad happened. Just stopped talking.

Then I had another relationship that went from online to phone that went well for a while, but changed. We used to pray with each other, but she was very “religious” and very pushy with her views. Our relationship ended because she was trying to “shove” her ideas down my throat. I remember so well-being in the grocery store talking on the phone and telling her I was buying shrimp. Well she immediately went into a lecture about why I should not eat shrimp. lol After that we kind of fizzed out because I didn’t want to hear the lectures and we had one conversation that let me know we could no longer continue. No arguing, just couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

Then I remember this other friendship that went from online to the phone. This one was a shocking eye-opening experience. I used to see her dialog online and think she was a mild-mannered woman, but when we started talking on the phone, she turned out to be loud and brash. And she had a crazy habit of letting people listen in on her phone conversations without the person knowing. I was once on a 3-way and she wanted me and the other woman to stay on the line and listen in on a call while she spoke to someone else, again without the other woman knowing! Well I hung up the phone before she got the other lady on the line. Needless to say that friendship ended. Plus God gave me a warning dream about her.  I know. Crazy isn’t it?

So what is my point? My point is that cyber space is not a good way to judge how you will relate in real life. It’s like a crap shoot. I think you can meet people and connect online and not get along in person. And there can be someone who you don’t gel with online and you may end up getting along with them really well in real life. The point is meeting people is best.

But let me caution you that every person you meet in cyber space is not meant to come in your real life. I no longer converse with online or speak to any of these woman anymore. It was just a season in cyber space that progress to phone and I enjoyed it while it lasted, but none of these women were meant to cross over into my physical life.