Too Afraid to Care

“It’s just that I’m too afraid to care” said Michelle. She was on the phone, legs comfortably poised on the brand new sectional she has just purchased. Michelle had been on the phone with James for so long, that she was beginning to get a cramp in her neck.

She knew the drill. He would draw towards her and then pull back. Never making a full commitment and always finding something wrong. Michelle always felt his love was conditional. He only loved her if she would uproot her life for him, or if she took off a few pounds. But he never made a real commitment to her.

Then every time she would let her emotions go, she would hear rumors that he was out with other women. James was always travelling because of his job and that was his excuse for her not hearing from him for long periods of times. But this time she just had to tell him, as much as she loved him, and she did, she was just too afraid to care.

But little did Michelle know that something terrible had happened to James that got his attention. He was being accused of sexual harrassment on his job and he’d been fired. But he didn’t say anything to Michelle. He just pleaded with her to give him just one more chance.

Later that evening Michelle reflected on the conversation that she and James had earlier. She just couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew something was different. She thought about him all morning, the next day and couldn’t get him off her mind.

On her lunch hour, Michelle’s cell phone rang and it was her best friend Joyce. “Did you hear about James, Michelle?” Joyce inquired. “Well I just spoke to him last night”, said Michelle. “Oh well then you know?” asked Joyce. “Know what?” asked Michelle”. Joyce proceeded to tell Michelle about the sexual harassment lawsuit and James losing his job.

Now it was all coming together for Michelle. In her heart she knew something was different this time. She immediately called James and offered her full support. She knew he was a good man and there was no question in her mind that he had not done anything inappropriate. In fact she never even asked if he did it. As she listened to his sobs over the phone, she felt her heart soften toward him. Suddenly, she was no longer too afraid to care.

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