God said to repeat this. I am STILL wearing my prophetic hat! 😉

A Prophetic Walk


I have a family member who was molested by more than one person. Suddenly the light came on as to why that relative acts the way that they do.

Sometimes that person isolates themselves and for years they separated themselves from family. At times they can be really nasty and rude and cruel. But they also claim to know Christ and they are an intercessor in the church! (not judging, been there, done that)

God has given me even more compassion for the person, especially when I found out that there was more than one person who had molested them. Who can’t feel compassion for a person who has endured that. At that point I felt their pain and I felt deep compassion even though I have not been molested.

I’ve notice the patience that God has for people who have gone through these kinds of situations. Where He would…

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