It’s Not too Late to Turn Around

I feel led to reblog this. If you disobey, you will live to regret it!

A Prophetic Walk

The other day, a fellow blogger shared about missing an opportunity to help someone who asked for help and I had  just gone through a similar situation. uturnRecently, I was coming from the store walking down the street and a couple with a baby asked me for help. I told them I had spent what I had (I had and kept going) but suddenly I felt convicted and remembered I had something I could share and in a split second, I gave them what I had.

Today, I got a response to my comment, from the blogger and I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her comment to me. She said “It is a great feeling to be able to turn around and correct a wrong or a miss! Living and learning always! A blessed week to you!” Well that hit me in the pit of my stomach and now…

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