Loves Series: What’s Good Now

I’ve been going through something for a while now and it’s been maddening. But lately, I’ve been taking it all in stride because God is uncovering the truth. This may help someone.

Several years back I had a dream that I would walk the same road that a family member walked concerning her mate. In her case God showed her who He planned for her to be with and they were friends, but he was soul-tied to another woman. Well there was a spiritual battle to get him untied from this woman, but it happened. We as her family kept telling her she could do better, but she ignored us all because she knew what God had told her. I am so glad she did because after I met him, I told her, I could see why she fought for him. She weathered the storm, fought for the will of God and they are happily married.couplecuddling

Well God showed me I would travel that same path and sadly, I am walking through it now. This has been a very long battle and just today this man was letting me know that he is going to do what he wants and be with someone who makes him “happy”. Well, I kind of get it. He seems to have found someone (online) who is exactly who he wants. I’m skeptical, because I know some things, but I will leave that alone. This is who he says he wants, so it is what it i

When things like this happen, you can’t help but feel rejected, but the truth is, I think we both feel the same about the situation. We really don’t have a “love connection”. But I see the potential in him and who God says he is going to be. So I am also going to “fight”, for him.

I remember years ago hearing this minister preach a sermon and she emphasized that what seems good for you know will not be good for you a few years from now and that is my only conclusion about this matter. You have two people who want to be together now, who God says won’t work later and you have two people who are like oil and water now and God says they will work. Well all I can say is what seems good for you now, won’t be good for you a few years from now. And really, it might not be good for you immediately.  Earlier, I was getting upset about this, but then I had to be honest.  Right now, he and I feel exactly the same about each other. Skeptical about any kind of relationship.

This week, God revealed to me again (I was starting to doubt) that this man knows what God has said about me, but he is pretending that he doesn’t know. Well, today, it just seems he is going to be blatantly disobedient. Well as Dr. Phil would say “good luck with that”.  It’s not going to work.  But all things must run their course. This other “relationship” must play out and I already see the end. But that must die first because it would always be a hindrance to God’s plan. black-couple-upset1

To whom much is given, much is required. But one thing I do know is that God spoke to both of us and he KNOWS what God’s will is. It was clearly communicated to him BY GOD. But we do have a choice, which will end up being God’s choice in the end. lol