The Plot Thickens Pt. 2

After I posted part one of this title, I knew right away that God was saying to leave the situation with the minister alone. That is why God allowed me to hear that his wife is coming (who is not me).

Then my best friend gave me a long lecture about the dangers of dating someone who is not your mate when God has already told you that person is not for you. Yes, I mourned a little bit, but I have accepted what God has said.

This really came about because I allowed some chatter to discourage me and break my focus. And wouldn’t you know I was paging through twitter only to see a messaged entitled: Don’t Let the Chatter Stop You. (I post the message tomorrow).

Honestly I know what the Lord is saying and has said and I don’t have spiritual ADD. One thing about me I don’t have one revelation in the morning and another by evening. I have two visions that I have held onto steadfastly since 2003 and it’s not likely that I will let go of either even though things have gotten tough. Just a distraction and a reaction to pain..

Stay focused, no matter what!


You must rise above the circumstances that have created a place of despair in your heart.  I have gone before you to establish your freedom from all darkness.  But, you must access this liberty through faith Take the time to re-focus and turn your concentration from obsession with difficulty to the victory that comes through obedience to My word, says the Lord.  With Me all things are possible.

Luke 18:27 But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

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