The Plot Thickens Pt. 3

couple hoding handsSo I have this hotspot through my cell phone carrier and I guess you get what you pay for. lol. I was trying to watch Survivor online and the video kept stopping and wouldn’t you know it, the video froze on the picture of a huge SNAKE. Trust me that was no accident. Well, you know this prophetic walk of mine. God was speaking about some “snake-like behavior again.

I was reading an old post entitled “Four Dreams” and I was sharing that God had given me four dreams in a short time span. Glad I reread the post because I have much more insight now than I had at the time I wrote it. At the time I was saying that God had revealed to me who was not for me (as a mate) and who was for me in a series of dreams. And then I was sharing that I thought something bad was going to happen before my dreams came to pass. Well that might be the case, or it could have been my fears speaking, but now I KNOW that if something goes down like that, I will be released to date as well. You see God is not unjust. One action definitely calls for another. Let me give you an example.

If God has given someone a revelation of something, but the other person has not gotten that same memo, or just won’t accept it and they decide to go in another direction, then the person who God gave the message to is no longer bound by it. Let me break it down further.

Year ago, a friend of mine shared  the story of how God put her and her husband together. Well she had to watch him go through a lot of women but they remained friends through it all. Before they got married, he came very close to marrying the wrong woman. I remember questioning her and asking her,if God allowed her to date while all of this was going on and she said no. Well, in spite of it all,she,and that man got together and are still together and happily married now and what God showed her came to pass. When I heard that story the Lord said, I would walk through something similar, and I always thought I would walk that EXACT same way. Then God showed me something that made me chuckle and made me VERY HAPPY. He showed me that in my case if my vision were to go in the opposite direction (where someone in particular was concerned) He would release me to date someone else. This is why I have been iffy about the minister. I believe that is still a dating possibility depending on what happens.

Can you imagine a man wanting you to WAIT until he checks something else out?? He doesn’t want you, but he doesn’t want you to be with anybody else, just in case what God showed you comes to pass. I DON’T THINK SO. I am real clear. If something breaks out on the other end, then I am RELEASED to explore something else, even if I don’t marry the other person and I believe God has given me someone to date safely. OH YES, that plot may still thicken! BELIEVE IT!