The Plot Thickens!!

couple datingI love the way God works! I couldn’t get to church this morning and I am a person who loves the preached word, so I got online (on my bootleg connection, lol) and started paging through Facebook. I saw one of my favorite preachers was broadcasting so I tried to watch, but my connection was too weak to watch the message. I will catch it at the library.

So I continued to page down and saw the minister I have been sharing about (the one I want to date) and there was a live link to his service. Strangely enough I was able to watch some of his message! As I watched him, I could see that he made the right decision to leave my church. The freedom and growth that I see is amazing! For me, nothing turns me on like a Godly surrendered man who has answered his call!! Lol God has definitely called him to be the senior leader of his own work. Of course I had the biggest smile on my face.

I was thinking about how, I believe I will have some connection with this man and suddenly he starts telling this story about how a new friend of his told him that God gave him an assignment to pray for his wife (meaning the Pastor). Then the man prophesied to him that he would be married before the year is out!!! Then the Pastor said, he knows marriage is in the air. Well to say I am dumbfounded is an understatement!!

All I’m thinking about now is how I’m going to get to this church (very far, no vehicle) but I know it’s no accident that I saw what I saw today. I am not going to interpret it, just going to follow what I feel. I have to tell you this plot is getting very thick. One man’s tragedy is another man’s blessing!!! I will definitely keep you posted!

Proverbs 18:22

New International Version (NIV)

22 He who finds a wife finds what is good
and receives favor from the Lord.

Abuse is Not an Excuse


I have a family member who was molested by more than one person. Suddenly the light came on as to why that relative acts the way that they do.

Sometimes that person isolates themselves and for years they separated themselves from family. At times they can be really nasty and rude and cruel. But they also claim to know Christ and they are an intercessor in the church! (not judging, been there, done that)

God has given me even more compassion for the person, especially when I found out that there was more than one person who had molested them. Who can’t feel compassion for a person who has endured that. At that point I felt their pain and I felt deep compassion even though I have not been molested.

I’ve notice the patience that God has for people who have gone through these kinds of situations. Where He would have slapped their hands a long time ago, in these cases, it seems the Lord shows great compassion and He is very long-suffering.

But the Lord showed me in two cases that I know of that He is going to deal with that stuff. You see, your abuse is not an excuse for bad behavior. And sometimes God has to allow certain things to happen to let you know that certain behaviors are not acceptable.

It’s like dealing with a child. I am the caregiver for a toddler now and he turned 2 on Friday. I’ve notice changes in him. He is always hollering, “no” and “mine” and the other day he decided to bite me! Of course I gave him a long time out. And just like a toddler at some point God may have to discipline that person (give them a long time out), even though they have been abused. It’s called setting up boundaries.