An important reminder!

A Prophetic Walk

tricked-s400x400-363726Deception, breeds deception. It’s really quite simple. When you spend your days deceiving people, you will reap that same harvest. Just look at Jacob. Jacob fell in love with Rachel, but when it came time to get his bride, he didn’t have a clue that Laban his father-in-law had tricked him and substituted cross-eyed Leah. So why was Jacob tricked? Because he had spent his life deceiving others. No matter how good a heart you have, if you spend days and years deceiving people, one day you will end up reaping the harvest. And Satan will pull out the big guns.

When I read the story of Jacob, I can see so many differing scenarios in the story. Sometimes when I think of Jacob getting tricked with Leah, I think that sometimes a man may fall for a woman who he thinks is his “Rachel” and when he gets her, she…

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