An Explosion in the Middle of a Consecration?

I know today the enemy was trying to distract and vex me. I had to deal with two crazy situations. And I realize it’s a distraction because I believe I am on the brink of a miracle.

I never claimed to be perfect. I am human and I have been sheltered from a lot, even at my age, so there is a lot of stuff that I don’t really know how to handle and deal with especially about matters of the heart. So sometimes I don’t react the way I should.

ConsecrationLogoToday I had to deal with TWO narcissistic people, who have NO concept of how their actions affect others. They don’t have a clue, but God has a way of showing people what they don’t know.

So I spent the day going off on folks. But the funny thing is, I don’t feel bad about it. I think all of this needed to come out and I need to let these folks go, which I have attempted to do in the past. The strange thing is BOTH people do not know how to let go.

You know if you are meant to be in someones life, God will do it. Trust me, I have been able to disconnect from people. But have you ever tried to do it and then you had that person turn around and harass you and then act like you are the culprit? Well I have. It’s sad. If I am so terrible, why do you still want to stay connected??

I am praying for the storm. I am tired of this and I am asking God to use whatever is necessary to wash this mess away.

And one thing I do know is who I am and whose I am and I know I am not the average woman and I am not interested in an average acting man!

Not very spiritual..I’m sorry…all of this in the middle of a consecration. But I think this needed to happen.

Looking Forward to Dating!

dinner dateI had an epiphany today. God has been dealing with my fears. I don’t mean to be too deep but a while back the Lord showed me that I would be dating someone from my church. I believe I know who that man is but he is no longer at the church and actually that’s a good thing because he was in leadership.

I had some fears because I was afraid of falling for someone who’s not for me. I know it sounds strange but I am a seer. God spoke to me about this man and let me know he’s not my mate but I believe we still may date. I think I was fearful but sometimes it’s good to have a life experience. And some men are sent to restore.

I’m really excited because I like this man. He’s tall dark and very handsome. He’s articulate intelligent and most of all he has answered the call of God on his life which is very special. Any man who has answered the call and begins to preach has a place in my heart. It shows his commitment to God.

This evening the Lord reminded me that I still have an assignment but I can still have a social life. I’m not sure about the assignment because I’ve been a little harsh but if it’s God’s will it will happen.

Meanwhile I’m really motivated about getting prepared for this next season. I am so excited. Will keep you posted. I’m ready to be wined and dined.