Sexual Abuse


I was reading a blog post about abuse (see the link below) and my heart broke. A few years back I found out that a family member had been sexually abused. It was at that time that I began to understand the person better. But that person would still get on my nerves and I think I still lacked compassion because I was not sexually abused.

Well last year that same family member mentioned to me that they had been abused by another individual as well. I wanted to cry! It seems like all of a sudden a light came on FOR ME, and I understood, the isolation, the anti-social behavior and all the rude actions over the years. I understood why they were absent from the family for a long time.

Sometimes you may not understand why someone acts the way that they do. And sometimes you know in theory, but often we have to be reminded.

Please take the time to read information on the link below. And be watchful. This could be happening to someone you love.

Sexual Abuse of Males.