Love Series: In Love With An Image

DenzelI was looking at a situation that I know of and the Lord began to speak to me and break it down. I guess it’s possible to fall in love with someone online, but then I do have my doubts. I shared recently that a couple that I know of who met online are in trouble. I saw it in the beginning, but you really can’t tell people. Most folks have to learn on their own.

But I was asking the Lord about a particular woman who seems to be in love with a man who she had never met. They seem to have formed some type of connection and I am all for love. But I asked the Lord about it and His words to me cleared it up. The Lord said “she is in love with an image”. She doesn’t really know him. Well I know this to be true because she told me herself that she doesn’t know him. So how is that love?

Image is what we see. The looks, the money, the notoriety (if there is any). But an image is far from reality. Character is the true test to who a man really is.

Many people fall in love with who they think someone is. But then when the truth begins to surface it’s a whole different story.

I am looking for a man of character. I know he is out there somewhere. An ungodly man need not apply. But he doesn’t have to be perfect, becuse I’m not perfect. 🙂

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