I Said Hold Your Peace!!

A Timely Word…

A Prophetic Walk

taped mouthYou know what? When God says something, we really must LISTEN and OBEY!  A few days ago, the Lord told me to hold my peace and HE would fight my battle. Well I have not done that. I mean even on this blog, I’ve said things I should not be saying in this season.  So of course, I had to go back and makes some things private!! When will I listen?

Even today, I have considered sending emails and posting some stuff and blogging some stuff, but I can’t. There comes a time where there is NOTHING more to say. You cannot say another thing because God has got it! Plain and simple.

When we put our two-cents in, it can do damage and HINDER what God is trying to do. So here’s what I want to say to whoever this applies to. HOLD YOUR PEACE. You have GOT TO…

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