This is Interesting

So a few days ago, I posted two videos of my favorite YouTube families. (Yes, I need a life…haha) I am going to post a video for all of the families I watch occasionally and regularly. One day I realized everyone of those families included an African/and or African American wife and a Caucasian husband. Honestly that is pretty much all I see where it comes to interracial couples on YouTube.

Suddenly, I started thinking that maybe there was a reason why I was drawn to these videos and perhaps my future mate is Caucasian. After all the last two men who asked me to go on a date were Caucasian men. So here I was beginning to move toward that mindset when suddenly the Lord reminded me of a prophetic word I received many years ago. The word specifically said my husband was a Black man who everyone was wondering who he would marry. Yep, that was the word.

Not to be deep and spiritual. Just something interesting. Below is a sampling of the families I watch regularly and occasionally. Take a look. lol

Plans for 2018

This morning I received a text from one of my friends in NY and it both saddened me and caused me to thank God for where I am. Without putting her business on blast, I realize that being here is best for me. In the past I thought I would return to New York (my hometown), but that’s not going to happen. New York is too expensive and especially where housing is concerned.I just said thank you Jesus that I am living where I am living and praying for my friend.

So am I still moving to Georgia? Yes, I absolutely am going to move, (target month March) but until I do, I am not going to discuss it. Like I said, one day you will see my site saying I have moved. I have received so many confirmations to continue to move forward, that it’s overwhelming at times. But timing is everything.

Meanwhile, one of my very sweet brothers brought me an Ikea sofa bed for Christmas and it will be arriving Thursday. So that is exciting.

One of my best friends and I have decided to go on YouTube!! But it’s not going to be what you think. We will be completely anonymous and we are going to be discussing all manner of topics, but we will not be showing our faces. lol Both of us are not into being in the limelight. Will I announce it on this site? No I won’t. lol We are going to do it completely on the down low. I’ve been following a lot of YouTube families and it’s amazing how lucrative it can be, but I am not down for publicity. Not sure what will happen, but I think it’s going to be interesting.

I am also working on writing 3 sitcom episodes. We will see what happens with that. I will keep you posted. There is one thing I am very sure of and that is this is the year of absolute manifestation. Some of you are like me and it’s seems things have been at a standstill for a very long time, but let me tell you 2018 is THE year. I know people say things like this at the beginning of  every year, but in this case I know it’s true.

This year is going to be different. Lots of good things coming my way and yours too!!

Here are a few of my favorite YouTube families..and my couch!!!

RIP Christina Newman

We live in an amazing age. We can now connect with anyone in the world with this device called the computer. We can also form very real connections with people, real or imagined.

I remember a few years back, I found the YouTube channel of a beautiful young wife and mother named Christina Newman. What attracted me to her channel was her passion for eating raw. At the time I was contemplating going raw and was looking at any and everything that has to do with the raw food diet. Christina was a beautiful bubbly young lady who was struggling with her weight and was gaining the victory day by day and I could identify with that struggle.

After a year or two of watching her and following her and following her blog, I was sad to find out that this young mother had an aggressive form of cancer. As a Christian, I immediately began to go into prayer mode and would keep up with her from time to time. Well recently, I thought about her and to my dismay, a quick search online brought up the information about her going into hospice and dying leaving behind a husband, older daughter and very young daughter.

I did not know Christina, but as I said, being online can make you feel very connected to people you have never met. I was devastated and hurt as though she was a member of my own family.

I am so sorry for the loss of this family. A beautiful soul! Rest in Peace Christina Newman and God bless your surviving family!

Pop Culture: Katy Perry Part of Me

I’ve decided to designate either Friday or Saturday as days in which I will write about pop culture. As a Christian I believe that we should know what is going on in the world. Not be of the world, but be aware of the world. Too many Christians isolate themselves, to the point of being irrelevant. In order to reach the world for Christ, we do need to be aware of what is going on.

I just wrote this after coming from seeing Katy Perry’s new movie Part of Me. I was going to post it next week, but decided to post it today. I knew I was going to see it because I was aware that Katy’s parents have been in the ministry for years and I recently heard that a prophetic word was given over Katy’s life years ago about her fame and career, so I was curious. So here is that post:

Wow, I just came in from seeing Katy Perry’s movie and honestly I really enjoyed it. I recently saw her parents interviewed by Kim Clement and Katy’s mother is a powerful Prophetess and her Dad a minister, and although I’ve heard of her, I wanted to see what was really going on with this girl.

I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos about how the music industry is pretty much controlled by the devil, and even one where Katy is saying she sold her soul to the devil, but I also don’t want to get caught up in all of that because really it’s all about talented souls needing to know the Lord.

The movie was an amazing testament to what hard work and perseverance will do. Katy was raised in a Christian home and honestly as you watch the movie, you can see she was raised too strict and I think it made her a bit rebellious.

I know many in the “religious” community would say that God has nothing to do with this girl, but I beg to differ. And I am not saying that I agree with everything she does in her career, but as I watched the movie, I can see a girl who is following her dream and is on a journey and part of her destiny is fame and fortune as it was prophesied.

So do I think Katy is doing everything God wants her to do? No, probably not, but neither are we. This young woman is on a journey in front of the world and she is no different then any of us, except that she is famous. It was heartbreaking to see her walk through the painful end of her marriage to Russell Brand, right in the midst of the peak of her fame.

So what is my verdict on the Katy Perry story? She’s young, and is still learning. She has a foundation in Christ and with the parents that she has, I think she is returning to God and when she does, she is going to influence a lot of people. I think her latest song is called “Wide Awake” and it clearly shows that there is an awakening going on in her life. My verdict is that I will be praying for this sweet young girl that God will get the total and complete glory out of her life and if you feel led to, do the same.