Restoration of the Vision pt.1

georgiaI don’t know why I am up at 5:15am writing, but I felt strongly that I needed to and I have learned when prompted, I need to obey. The Lord always has a reason as to the why.

Recently (in the past few months) the Lord has restored a vision he gave me about relocating and having a family.  I was sharing in my last post how we can replace a right vision with a wrong one and that is what I did. But I  am back on track now and let me tell you how God got my attention.

God used two very miserable holidays to get my attention. That would be Thanksgiving and Christmas. I come from a very large family and since I have been in Florida, I have been far from family. I do have a half-sister who lives 15 minutes away, but sadly she is pretty anti-social. But God getting my attention really started last summer when hurricane Irma came and my sister-in-law made a plea to me to “come to Georgia” to avoid the storm. Although I didn’t go to avoid the storm, I knew God was speaking to me through her words. But I was still very blind because I thought God just wanted me to take a trip. So I started planning a trip.

I was all set to take this trip, but I didn’t have one thing and that was the provision. I know that may sound crazy to some, but when you live by faith, sometimes it’s just that way. I’ve had God provide for me on the same day that I needed to take a trip, so I know it can happen. After I didn’t go to Georgia, I was very disappointed, but I also knew there was a reason. I just didn’t understand it yet. Fast forward to two miserable holidays. Thanksgiving was a nightmare. I have never been that depressed, but after Thanksgiving I had a breakthrough.

One night the Lord told me to leave the television on while I was sleeping. I never intentionally sleep with the television on, but I obeyed the voice of the Lord and put the TV on the Christian Station (TBN) and drifted off to sleep. Around 5 am I was awakened to Pastor John Gray from Joel Osteens church sharing how he met his wife in Atlanta. He said that God spoke to him to move there and God spoke to her to move there and that was the place they met. Well honestly I stared at the TV in disbelief. You see, I had so buried the vision that I was baffled. But God woke me up in time to hear what Pastor Gray was saying. You see the Lord blocked my trip because he was talking about a geographical move, not a trip.

For the next few weeks I pondered it in my heart and it wasn’t until I said yes to the Lord again, that the misery and depression lifted and I knew God was telling me that if I wanted to have a mate and a family, I would have to relocate to Georgia. And if I didn’t relocate it wasn’t going to happen. All I could say was yes Lord!! (to be continued)

Genesis 12:1Living Bible (TLB)

12 God had told Abram, “Leave your own country behind you, and your own people, and go to the land I will guide you to.


About My Relocation

ISadk96e705d6e1000000000The past few months have been tumultuous! My spirit has been doing flip-flops! I believe God was trying to get me to a place of surrender concerning the next phase of my life.

Many years ago, when God brought me to Florida (where I currently live), I always knew it was going to be a temporary place. I moved here because God shut some doors and sent me here and I ended up caring for my father until the end of his life. Initially, I said I would return to New York (my home city) when that happened, but I ended up staying 6 more years. I’m been in Florida a total of 12 years now and I can sense that this season is just about over.

I feel that God is leading me to another place and I do believe that place is Atlanta, Georgia. Years ago, I had one focus for my move, but today I feel quite different. I have a vision to work in real estate, own rental properties and flip houses and honestly, I have considered doing that here, but my city is filled with old houses. I figured out long ago that this is not the place.

Since God reignited my vision, I have been looking at Atlanta Georgia properties and it’s clear to me that this is definitely the place where my vision will come to pass. Every day when I get my notifications from Trulia (a real estate site) I am filled with excitement. I know God has a purpose for me to move to that city and I am excited.

Recently, all of my holiday plans have changed. I ended up getting an unexpected vacation from work this week and my friend who was coming for Christmas won’t be here until after Christmas. I was sitting on pins and needles trying to figure out how quickly I can make this move. I’m not sure, but time will tell. It could be soon and it could be early next year. I am okay with whatever God says. Timing is everything.

My life is in His hands. I am no longer anxious or focused on the things I used to be focused on. I figure that whatever God’s greater plan is, it can happen while I am pursuing my dreams. I just need to be in the right place at the right time and that is where I plan to be.ISu0gl51zjoi6e1000000000


georgia-moversMy best friend of over 25 years called me this morning to let me know that she had gotten approved for her house in Decatur Georgia and she is moving next month! I am so excited for her because she has wanted to move for years and finally it’s happening. God timing is not always our timing, but it seem as though now is the time.

Changing locations is never easy, but when God is in it, all you can do is go with the flow! It’s manifestation time!

Genesis 12:1 (NIV)

12 The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.



Move to____________on You Own

Here we go again!!! Someone posted a video on Facebook and when I looked at it, it had the words above written on the screen before the video started. “Move to (purposely left blank) on your own. It got my attention because I had come to the conclusion that if I moved, I would not do it on my own and someone would be helping. This video was actually about this handicapped man moving on his own. I have to say it got my attention once again.

A few days later I was clicking on some pictures on Pinterest and saw this picture of a very lovely kitchen that I liked and when I clicked on it, it took me to a real estate site and there it was again. Same state and the same city as before. Oh boy, here we go again Lord!

I know my subscribers have grown weary of this subject and so have I. 🙂 I had kind of buried this whole thing just because there is no way I could do it now. But apparently God is not done with the subject of moving.

I’ve been reading this devotional “you shall not go out empty”. It speaks of leaving out with provision. Then I was talking to my cousin who lives in New Orleans, checking on her during the storm and I found out I have some family, in the vicinity of where I may be going. I have to admit, I have become skeptical myself. I must admit I’m afraid. I shared it with a friend and she seems to think that it may not be a move, but rather a trip. I don’t know.

Sometimes God tells you things for years and then suddenly it happens. I’m going to just keep praying and wait for further instructions and see what God is going to do. We will see.

The Call of Abram

12 The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.