Pop Culture

I used to do this regularly, but since I’ve not been blogging regularly, I’ve stopped, but today let’s talk about pop culture.

Facebook is still very popular despite it’s problems with fake news and lack of privacy, but one problem that still is a problem is fake pages. Celebrity fake pages and ministry fake pages. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone befriend me who claimed to be a well-known minister and the next thing you know they are asking you for money. I usually string them along and then let them have it! lol Then I report them to Facebook.

Yesterday a friend sent me a link to a fake page for entertainment mogul Tyler Perry. She was all excited because the post said that he was giving out $100.00 to the first hundred that followed his instructions. I don’t even remember what you were required to do, but I told my friend that it was fake and I had received something similar a while back. I think she was a little skeptical of me more than the fake post because she wanted the money. lol She kept saying that she was probably too late to receive the $100.00 and then she proceeded to post it to her Facebook page against my warning. Long story short the next day Tyler Perry posted this and asked people to share it and that’s why I posting this here. Don’t fall the scams!


Later, while I was paging through another social media site, I saw a picture of actress Lisa Raye and to my shock and dismay she has recently become engaged to a random stranger on a TV show called the Proposal. It comes on right behind the Bachelor, but I made up my mind that I would not watch it because I felt it made a mockery of marriage. What is the world coming to? That’s just my opinion!



The Case of Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby, Speech Criminal

It’s all over the news. Formerly, Americas Dad, one of the greatest roles models for Black America, exposed as a fraud! The African-American community was not only upset, but the majority were in denial. It had to be a conspiracy against this powerful Black man. But I knew differently.

Several years ago, before all of Mr. Cosby’s dirty deeds were exposed, God showed me Bill Cosby in a dream. He was in a room with a few other celebrities, which included Chris Brown, who was also being exposed at the time for beating up his then girlfriend Rihanna. I remember waking up from the dream wondering why on earth I had dreamed about Bill Cosby. But with time, it was revealed.

My blog is called “a prophetic walk” for a reason. This calling can be very interesting! And each prophetic person will learn how God deals with them, personally. I know I am a seer. God often shows me things YEARS before it happens. It’s no fun because I am often labeled as false because what I see takes so long to manifest. But it doesn’t matter. It still happens. To date, the longest I have waited to see something God showed me happen has been about 22 years!!! Yes, that long. But in the case of Mr. Cosby, I came to realize, God was showing me, like Chris Brown, some dirt would soon come out on him as well. And I had this dream in 2009!

I have never felt Bill was being railroaded or that there was a conspiracy. From what I heard, it’s a known fact among some in Hollywood that he is a predator. The public just didn’t know it.

So now that Cosby’s die-hard defenders (Whoopi Goldberg and Jill Scott) have deserted him, what will be his end? Well one thing that is important when anyone is exposed is to admit it and apologize and make amends. But few men have that kind of character, especially in the face of millions of people.

It saddens me that this will be his legacy. All he has done means nothing now. Just like OJ Simpson. But that is why we cannot put people who we don’t really know on a pedestal. The arm of flesh will always fail you! But God won’t. I pray that Bill Cosby will repent and come to know Jesus, because that is his only hope. And I dare say, his drugging and philandering days are over.

So what can we draw from this story? One thing is be who you say you are. But also, be sure your sins will find you out!

Numbers 32:23New King James Version (NKJV)

23 But if you do not do so, then take note, you have sinned against the Lord; and be sure your sin will find you out.

RIP Christina Newman

We live in an amazing age. We can now connect with anyone in the world with this device called the computer. We can also form very real connections with people, real or imagined.

I remember a few years back, I found the YouTube channel of a beautiful young wife and mother named Christina Newman. What attracted me to her channel was her passion for eating raw. At the time I was contemplating going raw and was looking at any and everything that has to do with the raw food diet. Christina was a beautiful bubbly young lady who was struggling with her weight and was gaining the victory day by day and I could identify with that struggle.

After a year or two of watching her and following her and following her blog, I was sad to find out that this young mother had an aggressive form of cancer. As a Christian, I immediately began to go into prayer mode and would keep up with her from time to time. Well recently, I thought about her and to my dismay, a quick search online brought up the information about her going into hospice and dying leaving behind a husband, older daughter and very young daughter.

I did not know Christina, but as I said, being online can make you feel very connected to people you have never met. I was devastated and hurt as though she was a member of my own family.

I am so sorry for the loss of this family. A beautiful soul! Rest in Peace Christina Newman and God bless your surviving family!

Pop-Culture: Catfish the Movie

There is this show on MTV called Catfish and the show is the creation of a man who had an online relationship with this woman with whom he fell in love with and he documented his experience. The term “catfish” comes from people who try to hook someone online, usually by deception

It’s an interesting show because so many people are now meeting on the internet and very few people are turning out to be who they say they are. Most lie about something and usually it’s their real identity.

If you do meet online, I am a strong advocate for meeting right away. I know my brother met his wife in under a year. I think the worse thing someone can do is drag out an online relationship. But I am definitely not going to meet my husband online. That is just NOT for me.

I woke up thinking about this because I know I have been catfished. I know I have met plenty of people who’s identities are fake. It’s something I have learned to discern because there have been several over the years.

I really dislike deception. This is the ultimate story of deception. I’ve posted a few clips about the original movie.  Enjoy!


Pop Culture: In Love With a Celebrity?

tom cruise and katieYesterday, I went to see the movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, and as I sat in the theater watching an aging Tom Cruise, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened in his marriage to Katie Holmes. Of course we will probably never know the full story.

But what we do know that is documented in the press, is that Katie Holmes said she used to dream about marrying Tom Cruise, when she was younger, so you can imagine what it was like when this dream starting coming true.

I was reading some old articles from when they first got together and you could tell she was infatuated because she painted a picture of perfection. It was a fantasy realized. She got to finally get up close to the man who she had dreamed about marrying for years. This was the “perfect” love story. So of course when this starts happening, naturally she has to be in love right?

Most people will not have that experience. Not many people get close enough to marry their fantasy man, and even Katie Holmes didn’t marry her fantasy man. Fast forward many years later and we all saw it play out in the press. Katie Holmes made a great escape, seemingly running for her life.

I wish I could talk to Katie Holmes and hear what she has to say now about this celebrity that she wanted for years. I would love to know was it really love, or was she just infatuated with a handsome, rich and famous man. I bet she would say it was infatuation.

I’m sure Tom was greatly affected by her leaving, especially the way she left. It’s said he was blind-sided. After all this is the woman that he jumped on Oprah’s couch over! lol But Tom will do like most celebrity men in his age bracket. He’ll marry another beautiful woman half his age and life will go on.

There is a difference between infatuation and true love. I feel for men in the public eye. Many are fooled into thinking that these woman who say they love them really do. But often it’s about money and status, especially if the woman is poor.

I also believe a woman can really talk herself into believing she is in love with a man who is a celebrity. It happens all the time. After all spending hours analyzing his artistry on screen and studying his every move can get to a woman, especially one who is prone to fantasy instead of reality. Watching a man on a movie screen has a powerful effect. And then if she get’s a chance! Wow, that would be mind blowing and would send even the most stable woman into la-la land. lol

Yes, so many woman are “in love” with celebrities, but the reality of who the man is, is a whole different thing. I bet if you asked Katie, she would tell you she was infatuated. But we will never know.


The Mindset of the World

0409-halle-berry-getty-3I was reading an article about actress Halle Berry having a baby at the age of 46 and was shocked to hear it was a big controversy. People are saying she is too old to have a baby. I am baffled by this.

From what I gathered she did not do any fertility treatments and she was shocked to find out she was pregnant, clearly thinking that season was over for her. But surprise, surprise she is having a baby.

I immediately thought that she is pregnant and God is the giver of life, so good for her (of course being married would be good) but as for pregnancy at her age, if it wasn’t meant to be, it would not have happened.

But the world believes in killing babies, so of course they are thinking “how dare her have a baby at 46”. Well, I am not saying how old I am, but if I get pregnant, I will proudly push my belly out and dare someone to tell me I am too old. lol But that is the mindset of the world.

Let’s not forget, God is the giver of life!!

Isaiah 44:2a

New International Version (NIV)

This is what the Lord says—
he who made you, who formed you in the womb,
and who will help you: