The Trickster Has Been Tricked

tricked-s400x400-363726Deception, breeds deception. It’s really quite simple. When you spend your days deceiving people, you will reap that same harvest. Just look at Jacob. Jacob fell in love with Rachel, but when it came time to get his bride, he didn’t have a clue that Laban his father-in-law had tricked him and substituted cross-eyed Leah. So why was Jacob tricked? Because he had spent his life deceiving others. No matter how good a heart you have, if you spend days and years deceiving people, one day you will end up reaping the harvest. And Satan will pull out the big guns.

When I read the story of Jacob, I can see so many differing scenarios in the story. Sometimes when I think of Jacob getting tricked with Leah, I think that sometimes a man may fall for a woman who he thinks is his “Rachel” and when he gets her, she turns out to be a Leah. So Rachel is not really who he thinks she is. There are so many ways you can look at that verse.

I am looking at a real life story right now that makes me think about this story. The man has been tricked. Oh, you better believe that when you are called of God, the adversary will bring out the “big guns’. He will bring out the one that will mimic and pretend and lie and then destroy. But God ALWAYS has the watchmen on the wall, sometimes to remind us of the deception.

I was fast asleep and God woke me up to show me some things. Even though God has reckoned a situation dead, God showed me, I still must be a watchmen, even when I don’t want to be. So as I watched, I saw the subtle plan of the enemy wrapped in the cloak of “love”. It’s a specially designed plan, to take someone out. It’s not what it appears, and God is going to uncover it soon. The truth has been revealed, but the person is beginning to rationalize it away and say “nobody is perfect”. But this my friend is a WEB OF DECEPTION. Not something you even want to get close to because it will destroy you.

My work is finished for today. As the PROPHET SAID, I am a protector and I have to continue to protect who belongs to God. This will go on record that the Lord has indeed spoken!