Fools Rush In Pt. 3

wedding maybeYears ago there was this Pastor that I knew of who was very well-known in certain circles of the Body of Christ. He had hit the age of 40 and of course everyone was wondering who he was going to marry. There were literally thousands of women standing in line and laying claim on him saying God said he was their Boaz.

There were rumors going around that he was gay and of course, nothing will provoke a straight man to get married, like a gay rumor. Behind the scenes I heard that he was distraught and desperate. Well, long story short he met a very physically beautiful unchurched woman and within four months they were married. Needless to say, his church emptied out (all the ladies with their revelations about him).

The wife got pregnant within a short period (with another mans baby). I know this man turned bitter against God and he turned from the true gospel of Jesus Christ to a false doctrine. He lost everything and to this day, is still teaching this strange new gospel. But he lost everything.

If you talk to old members from his church and those who were up close and personal, all of them say it all started when he RUSHED and married that woman that he did not really know. After that marriage, everything went down hill.

Don’t let a rumor or accusation or desperation make you jump into an ill-fated marriage. Continue to wait on God as you have been doing. There is more to be uncovered and revealed even about the person you might be considering. WAIT on God

Psalm 27:14

New King James Version (NKJV)

14 Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!

To Believe or Not to Believe..

foolis that the question?

We should always trust God, no matter what the circumstance. He knows all and sees all, so when he tells us something we must trust.

But trusting people is a whole different matter. I think it all boils down to patterns of behavior. If someone asks you to go out to dinner on Friday, but they keep calling and cancelling and they did that 3-4 times before you were supposed to meet, you would probably say “listen, just forget it”.

And then if they ask you a month later to meet them for dinner, the first question out of your mouth would be “are going to cancel the dinner date again?” Then if they said no, you may give them the benefit of the doubt and say yes. But if it happened again, few of us would give them another chance because you are seeing a pattern in their behavior.

So what would make you give them another chance? Well I know for me something would have to be RADICALLY different. They couldn’t just ask me a question. The person would probably have to show up and pick me up and take me right to the restaurant, when they asked me. lol

What’s that saying…“fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. I want to say “fool me multiple times, and I’m just a fool”.

When people keep making a fool out of you, you learn from it and move on. You forgive, but the only way to believe them the next time is if something is radically different. And if you don’t see that..keep moving along.