Love Series: In the Meantime

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I’m not blogging like I used to. I just don’t have the desire anymore. But every once in a while, I feel compelled to write. This is one of those times. I’m not even sure anyone is reading. But writing has always been cathartic for me and writing things down is a good way to remember, when circumstances come to make us forget.

I’ve shared some of my God-given visions on here and I promised myself I would stop sharing, especially the vision I was shown about a mate. At this point I think it does more damage than good. So it’s pretty much on the shelf. But I am just rehearsing a little bit of it because it plays into what I am going to be doing in the meantime.

I’ve shared how God showed me something about a specific man and told me before he and I got together this man would come close to marrying the wrong person. I don’t know what will stop that from happening. and really it’s not my business. But this has been painful for me, not in the sense of me being jealous, but more because I have watched it play out and it is not easy seeing something God told you go left. Okay enough about that.

So a couple of years back, I believe the Lord told me that he would send someone my way “in the meantime”. This would be a man who I would date, even though, we would not marry. I know this may sound strange, But I am a seer and God often shows me things well in advance. It can be both good and bad. But it is what it is. That is why this blog is called a prophetic walk. I know there are those who are like me. Gifted and misunderstood and persecuted because of it.

So at the time I felt I was going to be dating, there was a Pastor in my church who showed some interest in me and just when I started to notice, he went on a sabbatical from the church, to fast and pray and after that he was gone! What a disappointment. I really thought he was that one. He started his own church and due to logistics, I was never able to get there. But later, God showed me that was not the “in the meantime man”.

At the time God revealed this to me, it became clear to me that God was kind and just and he was not going to allow me to sit on the sidelines waiting for something and me not be able to enjoy life.

Recently, I’ve had an awakening of sorts. There is this man who just caught my attention in a very odd way. He is not anyone who I know, he is totally someone, who is not in the realm of possibility for me to date, yet and still I find myself thinking about him and curious about him. Then I had a dream about him and honestly, I don’t have a clue what it all means. But God does deal with me heavily in dreams.

What I do know that whether it’s him or not (I doubt it) God is awakening me to this season that he told me about a long time ago. Someone is coming into my life and he is coming to restore what this vision broke in me. And I am excited about it!

False Dreams and Revelations

I have not arrived, but I am definitely not a novice concerning the things of God. And yet, God is still showing me how easy it is to be deceived. Let me give you one secret in how to not be deceived. Here it is: DON’T REJECT WHAT GOD HAS SAID.

The quickest way to be deceived is when we don’t want to accept what God has ALREADY REVEALED. Each time we reject God’s will, it opens us to more and more deception. Let me share my own story.

In 2011 the Lord showed me the death of my father. It was confirmed, and it was about to happen. My mother’s death was so traumatic for me, that I asked God to please warn me before any other deaths and God did. I knew my father was going to die. Over the summer of 2011, we found out he had cancer metastasized on the liver and that pretty much sealed that he would not live that much longer. He was an old man and it was his time to go.

Well here comes the lady who I now live with saying that she had a dream that he was healed. She kept saying it so much that it started to influenced me. The only problem was she had misinterpreted her dreams. Then here is the clincher. Once I started believing her, I seemed like I started getting what seemed like confirmations that God was going to heal him. I remember watching a minister talk about an 80-year old woman being healed of cancer. Yes! Surely this was a confirmation that God was going to heal my Dad too! Well it was not because God has already spoken.

Whenever you continue to entertain what others are saying when it’s contrary to what God already told you, you are going to end up with a FALSE REVELATION.

I took it so far as to sharing with my whole family about the healing. I wouldn’t even allow the hospice nurse to give him too much pain medicine thinking that I didn’t want it to affect his healing (yes, I did). Finally my sister, who is a hospice nurse stepped in and told them to make our Dad comfortable and that is what they did and shortly after that he died.

Now I was not embarrassed for sharing about healing with family. I was annoyed that I let someone else influence my thinking against what God had already said. But guess what? It was a lesson that I needed to learn and boy did I learn it. And I see why. Right now I am dealing with something that seems like it’s impossible. But I heard God and I’m not budging!

I later learned that the lady that I live with had dreams about people when they die! She didn’t even understand her own gift and here I was listening to her. But again, I learned from that.

Listen, don’t keep rejecting what God already told you. That in itself is going to bring a lot of heartache. But I suspect, some of you are just like me. You are going to have to learn this lesson on your own.

Numbers 23:19 New International Version (NIV)

19 God is not human, that he should lie,
    not a human being, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
    Does he promise and not fulfill?



There are some things that God revealed to me many years back that are beginning to manifest. Don’t tell me I’m obsessed or I’m living someones life because trust me I am not. I am a woman who answered the call of God a long time ago and HE decided to reveal something about someone to me. No I did not delve into their life illegally by the spirit. God chose to share these things with me for His purpose. Some people have a problem with things like this, but get over it because God is God and He can do whatever He wants.

God showed me a scandal, sin being uncovered, rejection and this stuff affecting someones reputation and career. When I see what God has shown me (I believe this is it) I take no pleasure. But I do know that often God has to shake us up to get our attention. When we get off track, God will move heaven and earth to get us back on track. And His ways are not like ours. We live in new age, positive thinking, everything in life is and should be good, but that is not how God functions. We pay the price for sin. Yes God loves us and because He loves us, He will spank us. It’s no different then a parent and a child. You love your child, but you will spank your child too. Does that mean you don’t love that child? Of course not.

The manifestation of what God showed me happening is not a surprise to me. It was just a matter of time. The circumstance may be the surprise, but not the fact that some things are coming to the surface. I have enough experience in hearing from God and seeing it happen to know, it’s just a matter of time. In fact, I now recall a dream that was clearly showing what is happening now. I just had forgotten it.

The storm clouds are looming right now. I believe God is showing me, it’s going to get far worse before it get’s better. This is a crazy ride. It has to be God because he knows I would have let go 5 years ago, but the Lord said not so. It seems more impossible than EVER for some of what God revealed to me to come to pass now. Often we don’t like God’s ways and I have to say I really don’t.

I’m not sure what to say. I would not have chosen this path. I just know everything God has showed me is happening, so I believe I will see the end result that He told me. Now my role is to just pray and seek Him for further direction. I am not going to put it out there because it’s not what people are thinking and hoping. I know God has settled me in a place of safety and the safest place in the whole wide world, is in the Will of God.

I have one instruction right now. It’s seems like an impossible feat. But once I accomplish this, I will be on the other side!

Isaiah 55:8-9 New International Version (NIV)

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.


House of Pain

hopI’ve not been able to sleep and now my spirit is LEAPING! This is the last hard word, but first, I wish I could share what God just did.Let me tell you this one thing: GOD DOES NOT LIE!!!

Okay, on to the last hard word. In my last post I shared that I had a dream about a repeat situation with another woman going to jail. Well the dream was surrounding this sitcom called HOUSE OF PAYNE (Pain). All I can say is the police got involved and it was a mess. It’s a warning that someone needs to heed. This dream can be documented in a prior post confirming that I didn’t just make it up. Goodnight/morning. 🙂


clarityThe Michael Jackson dream has nothing to do with a literal death. If a woman was about to meet Michael it would never happen because he is not here. The dream was simply showing me the meeting would never take place. That is ALL the dream means. God has NOT showed me a death in this situation. Someone once said that to me about this situation but I did not receive it. The Holy spirit did not share that with me. I am NOT seeing death at all. Sadly, people often misinterpret dreams. But I am clear and am NOT prophesying any ones death.


Back to the Place of Safety

king of pop deadThere is a message board that I used to frequent and in January I made a conscious decision not to visit that place anymore and I have to say I only peeked briefly maybe twice since January. But for some reason I decided to return this past week and I think it was a mistake

Well anyway, after observing some things I asked the Lord some questions. Have you ever asked God if He has really said something to you because from what I “see” what God is telling me is not going to happen. But I love the way that God can put the nail in the coffin on things.

I kept thinking what if this and what if that and then I heard the Lord remind me of a dream I had about Michael Jackson and I knew what God was saying. He was letting me know the thing I am concerned about is NEVER going to happen. Michael is dead.

Some things may look like they are alive and well, but in God’s eyes they are dead and if that is what He is saying, start decreeing that situation is DEAD.

God doesn’t force us to do anything and in the absence of desire, he creates it. And he will use a situation that is not supposed to be to make you want what should be.

I am going back to my safe place. I can trust God without seeing anything. Why fight against God?

P.S. Let me just tell you how God is in this blog. While I am typing this this man comes over to me and tell me about how he had to learn the hard way about getting married and how he WAITED on God and got the right person. Confirmation! You’d better wait on God!

Lamentations 3:37

New International Version (NIV)

37 Who can speak and have it happen
    if the Lord has not decreed it?