Love Series: In Love With a Liar

prettylittleliarsYou know the story of Samson and Delilah. Samson fell in love with a lovely woman, but there was only one problem. She was a LIAR. Sweet, but a liar. Compassionate, but a liar. Stroking his ego, but she was a big fat liar.

Sadly, Samson was laden down in sin and he didn’t even know the day or time that God LEFT HIM. Oh, it appeared he still had success, but God had pulled his protective covering off of Samson. How do we know? Well you know the story. Samson ended up dead.

It was all a set-up to kill Samson.The enemy used a sweet little liar to rock Samson asleep in his sin and in the end it destroyed him.

Be careful of sweet liars!

Judges 16:15

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

15 Then she said to him, “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when your heart is not with me? You have mocked me three times now and have not told me what makes your strength so great.”

God’s Word….Day 8

Judges 16:15-20

New Living Translation (NLT)

15 Then Delilah pouted, “How can you tell me, ‘I love you,’ when you don’t share your secrets with me? You’ve made fun of me three times now, and you still haven’t told me what makes you so strong!” 16 She tormented him with her nagging day after day until he was sick to death of it.

17 Finally, Samson shared his secret with her. “My hair has never been cut,” he confessed, “for I was dedicated to God as a Nazirite from birth. If my head were shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as anyone else.”

18 Delilah realized he had finally told her the truth, so she sent for the Philistine rulers. “Come back one more time,” she said, “for he has finally told me his secret.” So the Philistine rulers returned with the money in their hands. 19 Delilah lulled Samson to sleep with his head in her lap, and then she called in a man to shave off the seven locks of his hair. In this way she began to bring him down,[a] and his strength left him.

20 Then she cried out, “Samson! The Philistines have come to capture you!”

When he woke up, he thought, “I will do as before and shake myself free.” But he didn’t realize the Lord had left him.

Love Series: Honesty is the Best Policy

I have to tell you, I am observing a situation that is blowing my mind. God allowed me to get to know someone pretty well, and I see that there was definitely a purpose, or I would have fallen for the okie-doke too.

I tell you people think that men are the only ones with game, but there are some women that GOT GAME!! Now the scariest kind of game is “church game” or  “church girl game”. As Elder Deborah Morton says: “lying Christians”. lol

Men, when a woman knows or believes that your heart is wide open to her, she will use it to her advantage, just like Delilah did to Samson. And I really hate to see it. If it was sincere, well so be it. But when I know it is lies, wow. I’m scared of that kind of person. And if you have ever experienced that person lying about you to your face, that is even scarier. But God had me strategically placed for a reason. I know the TRUTH. That is why I love God!

Let’s take a small thing like celibacy. I don’t understand lying about that. If you fell last year, or this year, then own it and move on. If someone loves you, they will accept it. But people lie because they want to paint a perfect picture of themselves. But guess what? You are not perfect and that is a lie and you are not who the other person thinks you are. What a crazy foundation for a relationship!!! And then when you marry and you or they cheat, you are devastated. Well you didn’t know the truth about each other. As for me, I don’t care if you had sex last week. TELL ME. Then I can make an informed decision about whether I want to be with you.

Here is the problem. When two people have been saying they love each other for years and one or both have stepped out on the love, it brings the reality of what they really had to the surface. It shows it wasn’t that deep. lol

Can you imagine going into a marriage and not knowing the TRUTH about your mates sexual history? Can you imagine thinking that man had only you in his heart and he was just recently with someone else? Can you imagine thinking that woman held fast to a vision for five years only to find out that in the midst of the “wision” (wish + vision, lol) she celebrated sexually with someone else??  Sheesh! I’m scared of people like that. You know, things have a way of coming out. What’s done in the dark…..

Here the truth; honesty can only come when you are dealing with an honest person. If you are dealing with a perpetual liar, you don’t stand a chance for a solid relationship. It’s like someone once told me. Some things will be taken to the grave. (meaning, I will never tell the truth about some things) I guess some folks think that is a good thing. But not in relationship.

Judges 16:17-21

Amplified Bible (AMP)

17 Then he told her all his mind and said to her, A razor has never come upon my head, for I have been a Nazirite to God from my birth. If I am shaved, then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak and be like any other man.

18 And when Delilah saw that he had told her all his mind, she went and called for the Philistine lords, saying, Come up this once, for he has told me all he knows. Then the Philistine lords came up to her and brought the money in their hands.

19 And she made Samson sleep upon her knees, and she called a man and caused him to shave off the seven braids of his head. Then she began to torment [Samson], and his strength went from him.

20 She said, The Philistines are upon you, Samson! And he awoke out of his sleep and said, I will go out as I have time after time and shake myself free. For Samson did not know that the Lord had departed from him.

21 But the Philistines laid hold of him, bored out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza and bound him with [two] bronze fetters; and he ground at the mill in the prison.


Love Series: Trusting Delilah

the_bible_collection_samson_and_dalilah_en_01I started to blog about Samson earlier, but changed my mind until someone shared a dream they had and in the dream the man had long curly hair. It was then that I knew that I was on point writing about Samson. I knew God was saying that someone was like Samson.

The problem with Samson was that he opened his heart to the wrong women. Oh, Delilah seemed like the right woman, but she was not. Little did Samson know that she was sharing his secrets behind his back and was a PERPETUAL LIAR. Sometimes I wonder what happened to Samson that he trusted Delilah even after he began to see the truth about her. It’s really quite sad because it was to his detriment.

As I was thinking about Samson, I realize that his SUCCESS blinded him. So Samson thought God was still with him. But one of the saddest verses in the Bible is the one that stated that God left Samson and he didn’t even know it. You see Samson was laden down with sin, so his discernment was OFF. I’m not saying he didn’t love God in his own way, but he was no longer living and maintaining his NAZARITE vow, which was to ABSTAIN from certain things. The truth is it was Samson’s indulgence in SIN that caused him to be deceived and he ended up DEAD.

Someone is talking to the wrong woman. Yes, she seems like the RIGHT one, but she is starting to share your SECRETS. God says shut the door completely on Delilah NOW or you will live to regret it because DELILAH IS A PERPETUAL LIAR.

Judges 16:15

New International Version (NIV)

15 Then she said to him, “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when you won’t confide in me? This is the third time you have made a fool of me and haven’t told me the secret of your great strength.”

Judges 16:30

New International Version (NIV)

30 Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived.

Samson And Delilah

Whenever I read the story of Samson and Delilah, I always think that Delilah did not love Samson at all. If you read the story it becomes clear that he was just a challenge. But Samson made a HUGE mistake. He told Delilah all of his secrets not knowing that she would use them against him later on.

He was probably in love, or lust, and thought that he could really trust her. But what he didn’t know was that the plan was bigger than he could ever imagine. There were other people involved and Delilah was feeding information to the Philistines, which would eventually end in Samson’s death. The player was played by a bigger gamer. Yes, “sweet” little Delilah was a part of a huge plan to bring Samson down. That is not love at all.

What is sad is the fact that each time Samson told Delilah a lie about where his strength was, and the Philistines tried it, he kept going back to Delilah. He must have been in “love-lust” because he didn’t even know it was a set up. A well constructed plan in which Delilah was a part.

Samson was the biggest game player of all, and now his reaping was upon him. His heart was wide open to a woman who did not care about him at all. Delilah was a good actress. She knew how to say the right things. I’m sure that Delilah told her girlfriends that she didn’t love the man, but sadly Samson could not tell.

I guess I should have named this one, “Guard Your Heart Pt. 2. It’s a warning to watch who you open your heart to. Sometimes the enemy will use those people to destroy you!

Judges 16:4-5

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Samson and Delilah

After leaving Gaza, he fell in love with a woman in the Sorek Valley. Her name was Delilah. The Philistine rulers came to her and said, “Trick him, and find out what makes him so strong. Find out how we can overpower him. We want to tie him up in order to torture him. Each of us will give you 1,100 pieces of silver.”


The Breaking of Samson

heartbreakSamson was a man who was very much  controlled by his flesh. The sad thing about Samson is that he lived recklessly and never believed that his day would come for retribution. The Bible is very clear. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that’s what he will reap. So if you have sowed  deception, you will end up being deceived. If you sow heartbreak, you will end up reaping a broken heart.

One of the saddest stories about Samson is when he felt he had found who he was supposed to marry and she ended up going to another man. This was Samson big payback.  It’s a dramatic story in Judges 14 and in the end the “marriage” of Samson did not work out. Though the bible says they were “married” the relationship was never consummated. In those days an engagement constituted a marriage and then consummation came.

This  story reminds me of a prophetic dream friend of mine had. She saw a specific christian celebrity man falling deeply in love with the woman but the woman ended up breaking his heart like it had never been broken before.

The “marriage” of Samson, was of the Lord. But it didn’t work out and the purpose was not to live happily ever after. The purpose was to break Samson. Sadly he still didn’t learn his lesson because later he got hooked up with Delilah and that brought about his total demise.

Judges 14:19-20

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

19 When the Lord’s Spirit came over him, he went to Ashkelon and killed 30 men there. He took their clothes and gave them to the men who solved the riddle. He was angry, and he went to his father’s house.20 Samson’s wife was given to his best man.