The Kind Of Man I Desire

receprionist I started a new job in June and I am loving where I am working right now! We are a very productive office, but there is a lot of joy and laughter where I am working. The other thing that I am enjoying is meeting a lot of interesting men surrounding work. None of them are eligible, but they are all different and interesting. It just seems like God wants to me pay attention to the type of man I desire. I am learning what I do and do not want.

First let’s start with the man that lives in my building. I think I mentioned him in another blog. Let’s call him Joe. Well I didn’t realize it for a while, but I now see that Joe is really interested in me. I mentioned before that I was not interested, but recently I had to admit to my girlfriends that I am both attracted to him and flattered by his attention. Now, that does not mean I am interested in a relationship, it just means I think he is handsome.

Joe has done a few things that have completely turned me off. I think I mentioned this before, but one day I needed help with my groceries, but he refused to help. I realize he was looking for something in return. He couldn’t just be a gentlemen and help me with my groceries from the taxi to the elevator. Recently, Joe decided to do volunteer work at my job. Coincidence? I don’t think so. As soon as I told him where I was working he ended up volunteering there, the very next week after I told him. Then recently, we hadn’t seen each other for a while (I come in at 1:00 PM and he works in the morning) and the next time I saw him, he complimented me on my new hair style and lipstick and told me how much he had missed me. But even though I am flattered by handsome Joe’s attention, he still is not my cup of tea. One quality I want is a man who is naturally a gentlemen, meaning he doesn’t have to be told and doesn’t have to work at it. That is just who he is. Joe is not that.

So next there is someone else at work who we will call Kevin. He is a hard-working, handsome man who is very friendly, even flirty, but he flirts with a lot of woman. Recently, he introduced me to his “woman” who he explained to me was only his woman from 6:00 PM to 9:00 AM in the morning! Can you imagine a man saying that?? What’s crazy, is she is a beautiful young woman, but he is still not satisfied. So what do I see in Kevin that’s interesting? Well he really is a great conversationalist. I realize that I absolutely love to listen to an interesting man talk!

Now I know Kevin says crazy things on occasion. He told me a tall tale on Friday and I believed every word and then he told me it wasn’t true. lol But I still love having conversations with him. He took the time to explain to me how men think as opposed to women and it was interesting. Very insightful! I love that quality about Kevin. I wouldn’t do well with a man who cannot stimulate me with great conversation. But Kevin is a player or it’s least that is what he exhibits and I want a man who is faithful. I enjoy talking to Kevin, but I doubt he is faithful.

Finally there is Jimmy who was my job counselor. He was the man who was instrumental in me getting into the place where I am working now. I think I also mentioned him previously. He is married and I rarely see him now. Now physically, I am not as attracted to him as the other men. But honestly he is probably most like what I want spiritually. He talks about the Lord with ease and has a relationship with God. But it’s not just all spiritual. But he is most like me. Spiritual is who we are and so it’s easy to talk to someone like this. Both Joe and Kevin go to church, but they are different. But if Jimmy was single, I would definitely be able to settle down with this type of man.

The rest of the guys at the job are very young. Too young to consider, but they are still interesting. They are mostly looking for attention which I won’t give to them because I am old enough to be their mother. One of them wants to be called “Big Sexy” or Mr. XXX and the other one is always saying “it’s hard to stay sexy”. lol It’s really hilarious. But I ignore that because I just won’t go there.

So there it is. I am learning. I can’t wait to meet the man who I can connect with on all levels. Spiritually, a great conversationalist and good to look at. So what do I have to offer? I think I have a lot to offer. I am am intelligent, a great talker, highly organized and a good cook with old school values. I’ve been called “pretty” all of my life. But, sadly, I still feel I have not “arrived” yet. I need a little more time. But when he comes, I plan to be ready!!

Come to Georgia!

My posting on this blog has become infrequent, so I really don’t know who is reading it anymore. I used to have a few regular readers, but now, again, I’m not so sure so I feel the need to give a little history.

I was born in New York City and lived there for the majority of my life, but relocated to Florida 12 years ago. It was the hand of God that brought me here. It was prophesied to me 7 years before I moved that I was destined to be in Florida. So here I am.

I have grown to love Florida, but sometimes the weather can be challenging. In New York you have 4 seasons. Here you have one with a little bit of the other 3 every once in a while. I live on the west coast of Florida, in the Tampa Bay area and we are blessed. I use to brag to people that the west coast was the best side because we rarely have storms. But then came Irma.

I think because of what happened in Houston with Hurricane Harvey, people took Irma seriously. But as Irma was approaching I was confident that we would avoid the storm like we usually do. After all my Pastor had just said he had prayed away many of the storms in the past, so why would this be any different? lol I was in agreement with this mindset, but I noticed the more I prayed the more the hurricane track moved directly toward us! Finally, Irma was set to hit us as a possible category 3 storm. But God answered our prayers, but not the way we thought He would.  We still got hit with the storm, but by the time it arrived it was a category 1. The majority of the damage was trees blown down and power outages. It could have been so much worse. We had to go through the storm, but God sustained us in the midst of the storm. But believe it or not, this post is not about Irma.

Naturally with the storm headed in my direction, I had many friends and family calling and posting messages on Facebook, making sure I was safe. One particular message stood out and got my attention. My sister-in-law kept posting on Facebook the following message: Come to Georgia.

Honestly, when you are in a situation like that, you have to try to figure out what direction you should go in. Many people evacuated and I did consider it, but after much prayer and consideration, I opted to stay in my 9th Floor apartment. But the message kept being posted “Come to Georgia”.

This blog is a Christian blog and my blog is for prophetic Christians who understand following God. My sister-in-law kept posting, until finally I got the prophetic message. God was saying it’s time to take a trip to Georgia.

For some reason yesterday I felt a burden about this. I felt strongly like this is the time for a prophetic trip. I won’t give any details other than it will be in the month of October. I recognize the importance of following HIM. I have no expectation or idea what the Lord is going to do, but I do know that when He tells us something we must hear and obey. This is and continues to be my prophetic walk.

When God says go, we should go. And He can get His point across, even in the midst of a storm. If you are curious about what happens, stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.georgia

Love Series: Straight Talk

steve-harvey-straight-talk-no-chaser-book-coverI want to scream right now! I just want a real Christian man to take a stand for righteousness! I am so very tired of so-called Christians who do not believe the bible, nor do they follow it. And then they pick and choose what they follow and mix it in with their own philosophy! SPARE ME!

I was reading Steve Harvey’s book and I have to say, I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Harvey. He is trying to help women understand men and that’s a good thing. I know Mr. Harvey is growing in his faith, but I’m going to need someone to stand up and tell the whole truth, even if it’s not what is politically correct!

In his book Steve was talking about what a man is looking for in his twenties, thirties, forties, etc. As I was reading about each stage, Mr. Harvey was sharing why a man does not want to marry until he finds out who he is and get’s himself together and I understand that. But there is a missing link as to why men don’t marry and that is because most men are fornicating.

The truth to why men don’t seek marriage is because they are able to have and are having sex outside of marriage, so there is NO DRIVE whatsoever to get married.

I wish there was one TRUE MAN OF GOD out there who would tell the truth and the whole truth. I’m telling you anytime you hear a man saying he doesn’t want to get married, or is taking his time, it’s because he is a FORNICATOR.

My best friend and I were talking about this minister on the Preacher’s of LA TV show. This man is 63 years old and has been divorced for 20 years. Listen, we keep it real. We were saying the reason the man does not feel the drive to marry is because he is getting a little something on the side. It’s already been confirmed that he had a baby out of wedlock with a young woman. Trust me, when men sit around for years and years and don’t marry, they are not living right, with few exceptions. I only know of one case (for real) where this man has been completely celibate since his divorce.

Oh. God is there anyone out there that will adhere to your word??

1 Corinthians 6:18-20

New International Version (NIV)

18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. 19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

Can You Handle the Truth?

handle the truthMy best friend and I both grew up under my brother, who was our Pastor and we find ourselves praising my brother more and more about the firm foundation that we were taught. My oldest brother, now sidelined by a stroke, taught us the gospel of Jesus Christ based on God’s Holy Word the Bible. We did not get this positive-thinking milk toast gospel that people are being fed today.

Part of receiving God’s word is understanding that all that is shared by God is NOT ALWAYS POSITIVE. I feel sorry for these touch, feely Christians who have to be spoon fed the Bible with honey, in order to make it palatable. As this world hurries to a close those Christians are in for the shock of their lives!

But here is the real truth. Few people are students of the scripture anymore. We pick and choose what we want to read. And if we don’t like what it says, we don’t read it anymore. We stick to the scriptures that make us feel good about our sin and our disobedience. And we surround ourselves with people just like that as well. And then we attack those who share what they see in the spirit and label them rumor-mongers. But I say “can you handle the truth?”

Here is another truth. Everything in life is not as it appears and the sooner we accept that the better off we will be. There is a danger to seeing life only through rose-colored glasses and not be able to handle even the most constructive criticism. Here are a few examples.

I was following a Christian actress on twitter. Nobody really noteworthy according to the world, but she professes Christianity. And when I  follow a Christian, I don’t expect their posts to contain vulgar language. Well she tweeted a post with the f-word and a big bottle of alcohol and it said “grown”. I think it was her birthday, so she was “celebrating”. Well I simply tweeted her back and asked “Christian?”. Well she blocked me from her account. (good riddance). This is what I mean by touchy, feely Christianity. Posed with a simple question, she got offended, but it was alright for her to tweet out a vular post. Deliver me from these wimpy saints!

Here is another example of a different kind: I’ve shared often that before 911, my former Pastor, who is also a Prophet, sent out a nationwide letter warning people NOT to do business on September 11, 2001. One of the church members had a business meeting at Windows on the World Restaurant and because she believed the prophet and understood his track record, she cancelled her meeting, not needing an explanation. Well we all know what happened and we all know that nobody made it out of that restaurant alive.

So what would a positive-only hearing Christian have said? They would have probably rationalized it away and thought their meeting was more important and viewed those warnings as ‘negative”. And they probably would have ended up dead.

Can you handle the truth? It’s funny. When I share something I see or sense in the spirit, people usually always want to crucify me, but then they inevitably have to come back to me and tell me I was right. Yes, we love to stone the prophets!

So what should we do? Keep sharing the truth. Keep being misunderstood and keep being graceful when those touchy-feely Christians have to come back and apologize and say at the time, they just couldn’t handle the truth. Let them continue to walk in disobedience to God, and dig themselves deeper and deeper in a hole and have to learn the hard way.

Meanwhile be encouraged truth-tellers. Continue to warn, exhort and share it as you see it. Continue to talk about hell, judgment and what is going to happen in these last days. Continue to balance out this fluff gospel, that tells people we are going to live happily ever after, with the truth. Let them tell you that over time your voice is fading in to nothingness, because in a minute they are going to tell you just the opposite. And then when they come running for you, remind them of God’s grace and ask them “can you handle the truth”?

John 8:32

New International Version (NIV)

32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Clean Pt. 1

handsThe other day, my sister mentioned a tape series to me and then my brother mentioned the same series to me. God has allowed me to hear some amazing things that I wanted to pass along to help others.

This particular series is by Dr. Doug Weiss and its called Clean. This series will be helpful to anyone dealing with addictions, particularly sexual additions and pornography. I’m passing this along for those who really want to be free.

Doug Weiss is a man who was born from an adulterous relationship, was himself sexually addicted due to child abuse and he has been free for 25 years and has a ministry to help other who want to be free.

I’m just going to share the link and let that speak for itself. But I did hear in my spirit that there is a married man who is reading this and God is giving you this information because it’s His last attempt to reach you. You are close to being exposed and losing your family and you need to get this information and USE IT.

Then there is a single man out there who desperately want to marry because you think marriage is your answer. God is saying now it is not. In fact the reason you are not married is because you are heavily addicted to pornography and God is not going to allow you to defile the wife he has for you. If you married now, you would only end up divorced. This information is for you!

The following link will lead you to the MP3 messages that can be downloaded and saved and it will also give you the information for the Series called  Clean. If this is your issue, don’t ignore this. I am also including a link to Doug Weiss’ website.

1 Corinthians 6:18

New International Version (NIV)

18 Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.

Dr. Doug Weiss

Heart to Heart Counseling Center

To All the Mothers..

happy mothers dayIf you still have your mother, you are blessed!! Take care of her no matter what. I lost my mother many years ago and I still miss her. Maybe that is why I feel a little depressed. Be blessed today mothers!!

Ephesians 6:2

New International Version (NIV)

“Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise—