The End: Part 1

I just had to get online and blog today. Perhaps this will help someone. This blog post is going to help someone recognize when to make the decision to move on and say “this is the end”.

The first thing that I am ending is talking to people who I don’t know online and specifically men. Let me just start by telling you that I have not had and do not have any desire to interact with a stranger online. For those of you who don’t mind doing that I say “more power to you”. But that is not me.

Over the years I’ve been approached by a few people online and the only reason I gave them a chance is because I always had some thought that it might be someone who was trying to get to know me incognito. I know that sounds strange, but that is the truth.

Just recently, I had a dream about a specific man and so when I was approached on Instagram, I gave the person a chance thinking it was the man that I dreamed about. Within a short period of time this person claimed to be in love with me, but eventually they wanted me to do something for them financially. Well, I’ve watched enough Dr. Phil shows about romance scams to not send a dime to anyone I don’t know in any capacity. To this day I have my suspicions that the man I was talking to was the man that I dreamed about, but I can’t prove it.

After a few weeks of getting no where, Mr. online and I made an agreement to stop talking to each other and we did and then he popped up again and asked me to send him an Amazon card with money on it and I sent him a nice article about romance scams. I still feel it was the man I dreamed about pretending. I think the last interaction was to make me believe that he really was a scammer, when he really wasn’t.

So how did I get to the title “The End”? I got to that title because I will NEVER, EVER interact with anyone online that I don’t know ever again. This has happened to me many times and this is the end of that. I am too old for foolishness.

The man who I was recently chatting with was annoying to no end. I didn’t like anything about him because I knew it was all a ruse. He used the words love too quickly and honestly, unless he already knew me, how could he be in love with me? It was the most annoying experience I have had in a very long time and I am so glad I am rid of him. There was something very sick and twisted about the whole thing.

Whenever you are interacting with someone and it disturbs your peace, that means you do not need to be interacting with that person. Every time he went away, I felt better. And every time he returned, I felt troubled in my spirit.

Listen, I know the internet is the new way for people to meet and that’s okay for some people. One of my brother’s met his wife online, but they only stayed online a very short time. Even if you connect initially with someone online, eventually it must materialize in real life. Even if you don’t meet immediately, at least you can talk on the phone or face time.

Throwing In The Towel – thelifeididntchoose

That’s why I am calling this post The End. It’s over. Never again. I recently had another dream about the same man that I dreamed about (God shows me things in my dreams) and in the dream I offered him a towel twice. But when I think about it, I believe that dream means it’s time to throw in the towel*.

*abandon a struggle; admit defeat.”there are times when the difficulties appear too great and we just throw in the towel”

In Part 2, I will explain why I believe this is what I should do.

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