Life and Death


I was looking back trying to see when I last posted because I was thinking about how you never know what life is going to bring from one week to the next. Well shortly after I posted my last blog post, my oldest brother when home to be with the Lord.

He had a stroke in 2010, two weeks after he got remarried and he never really recovered. He was stubborn and did not do his therapy and basically, took some wrong turns and sadly departed this life, in my opinion, not fulfilling his purpose. I’m not here to be negative, but as a seer, I often see, but it doesn’t always happen, because I realize the person has to be willing and obedient.

My brother, remarried for the third time, in my opinion, out of the will or timing of God. Yes, I can say that because the marriage directly contributed to his stroke (that’s all I will share). He only had two weeks of marriage as a normal man out of nine years of marriage and that was it. I won’t go into a lot of details, but in the end, he did not have the strength to fight anymore. Shortly before he died, I had a dream that he was a little boy. I was trying to get help, but there was no one around and I couldn’t help him, because he no longer wanted to listen.

About three weeks before he died, the Lord woke me up and instructed me to turn on the TV and there was this minister sharing about how we can’t fall apart when someone who knows God goes home to be with the Lord. My stomach immediately churned as my spirit was picking up what God was trying to tell me, but my mind did not want to accept it.

The week my brother died, I felt it in the air. Still trying to believe for his healing, but the problem was, my brother no longer wanted to live. The day my brother died, I felt sick all day and when his daughter called me that night, I already knew he was gone. You may think my “premonitions” are odd, but after my mother died, I asked the Lord to always prepare me whenever someone close to me was going to die and God has done that. He prepared me when my father died as well.

Amazingly, my grief has been easy. My brother was suffering and he is in heaven, so there is no reason to grieve. I told someone if God offered him billions to come back, he wouldn’t, so we have to keep living and make certain we fulfill our purpose.

Yes, I get sad thinking about my brother. He was a GREAT preacher. I wanted to hear him preach again. I wanted to see him walk again. I don’t understand it all, but God does and that is good enough for me.

I have about three more posts I want to write, but I had to share this. Life can bring the unexpected, but God will give us the grace to go through it. Be encouraged if you lost a loved one. Lean on God and he will help you through it.

Coming next: My list for a mate, Kanye West and a Christian celebrity that everyone likes, but no one loves, not necessarily in that order.