Life Changes, Late Changes

I used to write blog posts every day, sometimes twice a day, but oh how things have changed. But for some reason, I felt strongly to post today and so that is what I am going to do.

So many good things have been happening for me, I just want to share and encourage someone to know that things will change and have to change, especially when WE change and no matter how long it takes. The changes I am about to share are very ordinary, but I am moving forward and moving up. Some of you like me may have struggled with obtaining ordinary things. Just know, God can help you to turn things around.

First, it took me a while to recognize some mistakes I made that contributed to my own suffering, but hindsight is 20/20. One of my biggest mistakes was walking away from a good job as a bill collector at Macy’s. It’s still very painful to think about. At the time that I left I was having some health and transportation issues, but nothing that could not have been solved and was solved. Leaving that position sent me into a long season of poverty and basically being out of the will God. After I left I tried the road of self-employment, but the truth is, I was not ready to do that in a way to really support myself the way I needed to. Like I said, it was a very painful lesson, but I learned from it and I am back on track.

Businesswoman sitting at desk working on computer

No that’s not me. lol

When you stay out of the traditional workforce for a long period, it’s difficult to get hired. And that is what happened to me. But I was able to get into an employment training program and after a little over a year of working temp at the same non-profit, the executive director was so happy with my work and  my work ethic (that’s what he said), he hired me as a contract worker, for the position of Administrative Assistant. Each year, I will sign a contract in October. It’s funny, but it fits with how I have worked for years, so this kind of work did not scare me. The good thing is this kind of contract work offers me more stability. And what’s even more exciting is that after only, 2 1/2 months I got a raise!!

My second life change is really not out of the ordinary, but nonetheless, still quite miraculous. I hadn’t driven in a little over a year because I didn’t have a car (I used to drive someone else’s car). Getting a car is a very normal thing to do, but how it happened to me was quite miraculous.

Sparkle-Kia Rio 2019

Yes, this is my actual car

In December 2018, while riding with my sister, on our way to church we got into a car accident. She was driving and an older man who was focused on getting to McDonald’s (yes really) rammed us on the backside of the car and we spun around and ended up facing the opposite direction. Thank God there was no traffic and we were not fatally injured. I suffered whiplash and had to go to the chiropractor for 3 months. I really hope I never have to go through anything like that ever again, but in spite of all, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I sued and received a nice settlement that enabled me to put a very large down payment on a car and in spite of my not so great credit rating (I am working on it) I was able to buy a 2019 Kia Rio and get a very low car payment. The car is not new, used, but brand new and only had 16 miles on it. I actually walked into the dealership and drove off the lot with my car without putting a dime down until 3 days later!

My third life change just happened yesterday. I had applied for a new apartment (brand new construction) and I was standing in line at Costco, getting some lunch and got the call that I had been approved. I’m going to bring this post to an end, but I know these are very normal life changes, but after a long journey things seem to be coming together at this season in my life and yes it’s late in life for me, but nevertheless with the help of God change has come.

light home interior


So what’s next? A full-body makeover. There is a gym where I work and I can use it for free and there is a gym in my new apartment complex, so I have no excuse. This coming week I will be meeting with a trainer to help me learn how to use the different machines in the gym.

This will be my biggest Goliath, but I have to make some major physical changes. The good thing about me is I am not in denial. I am well aware of what I must do and now is the time. I am in a weight-loss clinic at my doctor’s office. I’ve lost weight in the past, but I realize a regular exercise regimen is a key to keeping the weigh off. I  don’t know who this is for, but just be encouraged. Things will change, when you change.

For whoever is reading; whatever your goals are, start believing God, do the work and get ready; get set; go!! The time is NOW!