A Premature Death? Part 1

I know this may seem like a morbid subject to start the year off, but hold on because I am about to share why I started with this subject in the beginning of the year.

First, I hope that you had a great holiday season. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I pray that this year will be the most fantastic year ever! Of course we always look forward to good things in the beginning of a new year and this post will help us to live to see God’s future for us.

I just finished watching the 2-hour special on ABC entitled “The Last Day’s of John Kennedy Jr. and it was deeply sad and moving, not just because this young man, his wife and sister-in-law died, but for me, as I watched, I had a strong feeling that he did not have to die. It’s like God showed me how, we can play a part in what happens to us concerning preventing premature death. As I watched, I felt God was showing me this young man and and his family left here before their time.

I remember well the sad event of JFK Jr and his family dying in that plane crash. At the time that it happened, I lived in New York and was working in the same building where JFK Jr. was running his magazine George. I often heard of JFK Jr. sightings. It was always very exciting and people always talked about running into him in the elevator, and how nice he was. Sadly, I never ran into him, but I do remember after his death, people talking about the last time they saw him in the building.

As I watched the show, what struck me was the number of warnings that seemed obvious to me, but of course I am on the outside looking in. The first warning was that his mother did not want him to get a pilots license ever. Most believe it was because so many members of the Kennedy family had died in plane crashes and Jackie had a feeling that if John did learn to fly, that would be his plight as well. Sadly, she was right. But after she died, John went ahead and became a pilot. As I watched, I thought, “he should have taken his mother’s warning more seriously”.

There was another warning and it came the very night of the crash that took JFK Jr and his family. It was stated that his wife was adamant about not wanting to go to the wedding that they were flying to. Now I can imagine, it’s not that easy to not go to a family function, especially if you are in the prestigious Kennedy family, but I am learning that sometimes we need to listen to those strong feelings of apprehension, no matter what the occasion. Sadly, John Jr’s wife’s family lost both of their children which must have been horrendous for their parents.

I believe that we all have intuition whether we are Christians or not. Some Christians are very intuitive and some unsaved people as well. Sometimes unsaved people are more sensitive than people who are Christians. But as Christians we must listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and when he says “no”, just don’t go.

I have had many times when I pushed past God’s “no” and soon found out why He was telling me “no” or why He was telling me not to go somewhere. Thankfully, they were not life and death situations.

This year, let’s listen to God. Don’t try to be so much in control of your life. I know that may seem like a strange statement, but remember God knows all that is around the corner, so we must listen to him. It could be a matter of life and death.

They say JFK Jr was too inexperienced to fly his plane to Hyannis Port for his cousins wedding without an instructor present, but as a typical male, he was headstrong and went any way. The truth is, John should have listened to the warning of his mom, who knew intuitively that John would meet his death in a plane crash. And he also should have paid attention to his wife who didn’t want to fly that night. I only wish he had stopped flying all together. I will continue this soon.

RIP John, Caroline and Lauren-July 16, 1999

jfk jr and caroline

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