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Recently, I receive a Prophetic Word that spoke about how God was going to reward my loyalty. Now, I am not boasting, but I have to say the prophecy was true. I am definitely loyal. I would never tell a man that I was deeply in love with him and then give myself to another man. I would stay loyal until the end.

You might be wondering why I would bring that up, but I know many women who have and would and continue to do that. I am not talking about men because I am not a man, but in this day an age, some woman are not as loyal as they used to be.

Men are often shocked when their mate cheats on them. But when that happens it show the true character of that woman because usually women are loyal and want a man who is loyal. So when a woman cheats on your it’s who she is.

So what happens if a woman is unfaithful to you? Should you forgive her. Well, if you’re already married, I don’t have the answer to that, but what I will say is that if you haven’t married her yet, you should thank God that you haven’t taken that step and keep it moving because God has someone better for you. And what He has for you is LOYALTY!

That it all.

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