Was it Valentines Day?

Love-Hearts-Valentines-DayValentines day came and went and I wouldn’t have remembered it was Valentines day if it were not for a few friends texting me to wish me a happy Valentines day. But I would have figured it out when I got to my job. I’m working part time at a school and the kids were working on Valentines projects that day.

I am not one to get depressed because I don’t have a partner to share this holiday with. The day just comes and goes like any other day. When the time is right it will happen and I will enjoy it then. Meanwhile, I am just on a mission to live life to the fullest.

Someone shared something on Instagram and I thought I would share it right here. It’s true. People put a lot of emphasis on love and being loved by someone and yes, it’s important, but not more important than God’s unconditional love for us. Here is the post:



We all need to be #loved. That’s a #fact. We all desperately need massive doses of love in our life to be #healthy individuals. #God says, “I want to #love you.” God is love, and he knows you need to be loved.
But, second, we develop the false idea that our need to be loved is solely dependent upon one person or a group of people. When you expect someone else to meet 100 percent of your need for love, you’re asking for #trouble. You’re setting yourself up for hurt and opening the #door for the fear of rejection. When you look to any other person besides God to meet all your love needs, he or she can’t. There is no human being alive that can love you as completely and as fully as you need to be loved, and there never will be. Only God can do that.
Does God ever love us through other people? Of course. Does God want us to love others? Yes. Does he want to use us as #channels of love? Absolutely.
But, you will never have all your needs met by any person or group of people. God never meant it to be that way. They just don’t have enough love. #Human love is limited. God’s love is #unlimited and #unconditional. No matter how deep your need is, he can fill it.

So this #Valentine’s Day, remember that God’s love is the only unlimited love that is possible.
I ❤️ you!

Enough said!!