We have all gone through heartbreak at least once in our lives. On Sunday one of my Facebook friends posted this and it broke my heart. We are not as close as we used to be, but my heart still ached for her.

If God closes the door on something, He has a reason! Thank Him! I am posting her story with the YouTube she included. It may help someone:

I was in LOVE last year 💗 complete with long-awaited alignments, uncanny confirmations, a beautiful family and an anticipated future. Some of you knew…. Bliss and promised intentions spoken for months, led to looking at a wedding next Saturday, February 17th . Committed to what seemed to be an ‘ordained’ and affirmed foundation I’ve been baffled as I believed the words and actions of a ‘man of God.’ With no resolve, no remorse and no ‘discussion’ I was shocked with a September break. I was craftily concealed, deceived and then discarded. He got married a bit over a week ago ~ I do choose to bless them 🕊

Why am I sharing? To give honor to my heart and to my voice. I was in LOVE last year … I still am!!! I still LOVE my Lord and my own heart. Both, are amazing ~ after being callously bruised are raised up to new beginnings. And I choose to continue to love and to declare that one ‘truly worthy’ of this amazing heart will come and be blessed BEYOND! To all who have had their heart ripped … be hopeful ~ broken places can, in time, bloom more beautifully! Anticipating!!
Happy Valentines Week 💝🙏