Come to Georgia Pt. 3

Where do I start? Well first, if you are reading this blog for the 1st time, please go back and read parts 1 and 2. I don’t have the time to go into much detail, other than I heard the what I thought was a clarion call of the Lord saying “come to Georgia”.

So I had in mind what I wanted to do and my own interpretation of what God was saying. I assumed the Lord was saying that I should take a trip. Then I assumed that I knew when I should take the trip. And when I finally settled on the timing, it looked as though I had picked the right time, which was this weekend.

Earlier this week, my best friend was taking a trip to Georgia as well. She was anxious to see her first grandchild, but something strange happened and the bus driver left before schedule and she and several other people, missed the bus, so she went home. We had talked about meeting up in Georgia, but we couldn’t really coordinate it, and then everything changed.

As for me, I had to use my faith because I did not have the provision to go. And where God guides, he provides. I’ve done that before and God has come through for me on other occasions. Well in this case, I tried to do what I could, but I couldn’t do much. But I had my faith and I believed God up until today, but nothing materialized. But I give myself an A for effort.

So in the case of my story and my friends story, she had the means and still didn’t go, and I never got the means to go. So what does that mean? Well, it could just be about timing. After all why wouldn’t God want my friend to see her granddaughter? Only He knows why things happened the way that they did. And I still could have been blocked from going, even if I had gotten the money.

So have I given up on Georgia? No I have not. When the time is right, everything will come together. God will roll out the red carpet and the way will be made.

Make sure you are making the right moves at the right time.

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