Things are Changing


My computer

I was sitting here using my brand new computer when a Facebook friend messaged me and asked me if I was still blogging. After she asked me, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I no longer had to go to the library. My laptop died quite a while ago and I hadn’t been able to replace it so, I stopped blogging. But now I am in my apartment typing this blog. God has made all things new.

I know this is not such a big deal to some but it is to me. So much has changed for me lately, I realized God is making all things new. You see sometimes people see you in a certain season in your life and they look at you a certain way, but then suddenly things change.

When I move to Florida (where I now live) I worked at Office Depot, then I had to leave the job to care for my father who had Alzheimer’s. Sometimes people think it’s not a good thing to sacrifice your life, but the Bible is clear about honoring you parents. I’m glad I took care of my Dad. But unfortunately, I neglected myself.

After my father died, I started working at Macy’s as a bill collector, but at the same time I was having serious health challenges because of the neglect. (Be careful caregivers). I made the mistake of leaving the job and I say that because it was a huge mistake. I think if I had just pressed, it would have all worked out. My life spiraled, but in spite of it all God took care of me.

I ended up helping an elderly lady out for room and board and stayed with her for a few years. I thought I would never get out of the situation, but FINALLY, I got my own place. I am giving you my history because God is good.

Last week, I woke up to instructions and money from my brother to put on the cable/internet. Then on Tuesday I received a desk sent from my brother.  The next day, a computer arrived.  I am now working for my brother, right from my apartment. I started this past Monday. I get up, get a shower and get dressed just like I am going to work. And leave my bedroom and go to the living room. lol It’s wonderful. I’ve always wanted to work from home.

Things are changing. This month, or next month (I said October, but I may have to change my plans since I started working), I will be taking a trip. I know it is GOD-ORDAINED. I want to make sure my arrival is not too early or too late. God is up to something big. I can feel it. No need to worry. It’s all coming together and it’s all about timing. Things tend will come together at the right time, even when we think it’s late. Again, I will keep you posted.

I hope I didn’t bore anybody. lol If you find yourself in God’s waiting room, relax and just wait. Don’t get anxious. God hasn’t forgotten you. Things will change. Things are changing.


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