Great Confidence 

So enough of that! I’m referring to my last 2 posts. I know God has spoken and it’s in His hands. I just read a quote that said “There are times when you don’t have to prove yourself. When you allow God do it, it’s wayyyy more impactful!- Lakia Robinson. This struck a nerve. I have nothing to prove. This morning my prayer partner gave me a word not knowing what was going on and she said I was going to write a book entitled “I Will Wait for Him”. Of all mornings for her to share this! God has a sense of humor. The truth is,  obedience is the key to blessing! I started my day in obedience and the day is still young and I feel great confidence rising within. I was thinking I would make my last 2 posts private, but then the Lord say they are helping someone even though they are raw. It’s alright. And it’s gonna be alright. Yes, I will wait for HIM and him. 🙂

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