Don’t Lose in the End

I haven’t posted in a while, but felt I wanted to today. Life changes and sometimes our priorities shift. At one time writing on this blog was a priority. Not so much now. But every once in a while, I do feel led to come back.

Recently, I was playing this game on my phone called Farmville Country Escape. I play it on my down time when I am sitting in the car waiting, or when I take my client to the doctor and have a long wait. A lot of people play Farmville and this is a phone version, but a little different.

Well recently I was playing it and I had gotten my tasks completed rather quickly with the exception of one task. Everything was prepared and suddenly just when I almost got the reward, I ran out of time. I did not complete the task in a timely fashion. This happened twice. Now it was just a game, but I was bummed out because I worked hard to complete the task, but in the end, I missed out on the reward of all my hard work.

If you have read my blog, you know that I can get a message out of almost anything. But this hit me in the pit of my stomach because I felt it was a message for me and it may be for someone else. It’s kind of self-explanatory. Basically, God does not want us to put in the necessary work and then miss out on the reward in the end. Whether that is physical work, spiritual work, prayer or fasting. Don’t get to the end and miss out!

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