download (1)Perhaps it’s my fault.  God showed a vision about my future mate and showed me he would get tangled up with a friend of mine before he got to me. I put the vision out there to be scrutinized and now I am being looked upon as some sort of nutcase. But you cannot understand unless you have walked where I have walked.

I asked the Lord what I am waiting on and God sent a prophet to tell me to be patient. I know this current situation must run it’s course. But now it doesn’t even make sense to me anymore. I am being accused of being full of pride and not admitting defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason I know that is not true is because I don’t even have any desire for the man God is showing me. I have no desire for someone who has no desire for me and wants and has others in his life. Well, you may say that doesn’t make sense, but it does to me. I know plenty of couples who had a rocky road in the beginning and have ended up together.

The thing about it, is if someone feels they have found the person they will spend the rest of their life with, there is nothing you can do about it, nor should you want to. To me right now I am feeling sad, sad, sad (when I wrote this weeks ago). It just seems like God has put an unfair situation upon me. BUT I do know that if this does not turn out the way it has been shown to me, I WILL BE JUST FINE.


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