Love Series: In the Meantime

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I’m not blogging like I used to. I just don’t have the desire anymore. But every once in a while, I feel compelled to write. This is one of those times. I’m not even sure anyone is reading. But writing has always been cathartic for me and writing things down is a good way to remember, when circumstances come to make us forget.

I’ve shared some of my God-given visions on here and I promised myself I would stop sharing, especially the vision I was shown about a mate. At this point I think it does more damage than good. So it’s pretty much on the shelf. But I am just rehearsing a little bit of it because it plays into what I am going to be doing in the meantime.

I’ve shared how God showed me something about a specific man and told me before he and I got together this man would come close to marrying the wrong person. I don’t know what will stop that from happening. and really it’s not my business. But this has been painful for me, not in the sense of me being jealous, but more because I have watched it play out and it is not easy seeing something God told you go left. Okay enough about that.

So a couple of years back, I believe the Lord told me that he would send someone my way “in the meantime”. This would be a man who I would date, even though, we would not marry. I know this may sound strange, But I am a seer and God often shows me things well in advance. It can be both good and bad. But it is what it is. That is why this blog is called a prophetic walk. I know there are those who are like me. Gifted and misunderstood and persecuted because of it.

So at the time I felt I was going to be dating, there was a Pastor in my church who showed some interest in me and just when I started to notice, he went on a sabbatical from the church, to fast and pray and after that he was gone! What a disappointment. I really thought he was that one. He started his own church and due to logistics, I was never able to get there. But later, God showed me that was not the “in the meantime man”.

At the time God revealed this to me, it became clear to me that God was kind and just and he was not going to allow me to sit on the sidelines waiting for something and me not be able to enjoy life.

Recently, I’ve had an awakening of sorts. There is this man who just caught my attention in a very odd way. He is not anyone who I know, he is totally someone, who is not in the realm of possibility for me to date, yet and still I find myself thinking about him and curious about him. Then I had a dream about him and honestly, I don’t have a clue what it all means. But God does deal with me heavily in dreams.

What I do know that whether it’s him or not (I doubt it) God is awakening me to this season that he told me about a long time ago. Someone is coming into my life and he is coming to restore what this vision broke in me. And I am excited about it!

2 thoughts on “Love Series: In the Meantime

  1. I love hearing this for you! It’s funny bc I don’t know you irl, but I have become very invested in your story over the last 2yrs. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know by sharing what God gives you. When you were writing constantly last year, it saved me so many times from making the wrong choices or from avoiding the truth that was right in front of my face… you’re words really helped me to move on with my life and I’m so thankful for that! Despite what anyone else says to try and quite you on here, you helped me and I am grateful.

    You deserve a good man even if God says he is just for the meantime. Keep living out loud 😉 I’ll need all the encouragement you can give to put myself back out there one of these days. For now, my life is the best it’s been in a decade 🙂 I’m loving life with my 3 little girls and working on finishing up nursing school in May! God’s making me new! And it sounds like he’s doing the same for you too 😉 God bless you sister!

    ~ Keila

    • Hi Loves daughter (Keila), you have no idea how your words blessed me! I was feeling like it was all in vain. But trust me when I start dating I will be sharing. Lol The vision is on the shelf. There is something else I need in this season and I am going to get it. Bless you!!

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