The Painful Breaking of a Man

How is everyone?! It’s seems like forever since I have written on this blog and then God gives me a difficult Word right before Christmas, but I am going to obey the Lord because it may be just what someone needs in the days ahead.

I was thinking about a member of my family and how God showed me that his path has been very rough because he has not submitted many areas of his life to God. Yes, this person is saved and even in the ministry, but he was still doing his own thing and has been in a state of rebellion for a while.

Now I know some of you may be thinking, who died and made you God? Well, nobody. But if you’ve read my blog in the past, you know I am a seer and God shows me things even when I don’t want to know. I recently was privy to some information about this family member that let me know he is still walking in rebellion.

Now don’t take this personally if you’re a man, but the Lord showed me the nature of a man is very different then that of a woman and so the road may be much harder for them than for a woman. As a woman, I can go but so far before I turn back around and just yield to God. But men are not the same. And yes, I know there are exceptions.

Some men will keep walking down that road of rebellion until it comes to an end and then when it ends, they will create more road until they fall off a cliff. Then after they fall off the cliff and break their leg, they will tie it up and keep going until the second leg is broken. Then they will steal someones wheelchair and continue down that path with two broken legs. This may seem humorous, but I know this may help some of you in understanding your husbands, brothers, male friends and boyfriends. They are stubborn and rebellious!

Recently God reminded me of some things that were revealed to me many years ago through dreams and honestly, I am seeing it all manifest now. I didn’t know all the details, but now it’s starting to come together like pieces of a puzzle, but guess what? It is all going to come to a painful end.

I dread even sharing this, but the truth will set you free. In the days ahead, there are some men in your lives who will come to a painful end. No, I don’t mean death, but it may feel that way or they may want to die when it’s all over. But in the end, God’s purpose is going to be done! God is going to use whatever painful experience you have to endure in this coming year to get your attention, once and for all.

Not a very merry message, but necessary for someone to hear. Merry Christmas!

Proverbs 16:18 New International Version (NIV)

18 Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall.




8 thoughts on “The Painful Breaking of a Man

  1. I needed to hear this… it’s tough seeing that man with the two broken legs in a wheelchair continuing down the same disastrous path day after day…In Jesus name, God’s will be done!

  2. Brokenness is so hard to watch in the making. I wish someone I knew did not have to take the path he did and it is heartbreaking to see the end – but with God there is not an end, for it all serves to draw people near to Him through the beautiful fruit of repentance. Thanks for sharing.

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