Daily Devotional – 10/10/14 “Stop questioning the no!”

Lakisha, the Author

It’s Friday and someone is fumbling with a failure from your past because here it is again trying to delay your present but I’ve come to tell you beloved, stop questioning the no. Don’t you know by now that what is meant for you; no man can stop. Child, read this carefully … there isn’t a man or woman alive or dead, a past mistake, a credit score, any amount or money, a degree or lack thereof that can stop what God ordains! I’ll take it even further … there isn’t a deacon, trustee, mother board member, usher, associate minister or pew member who can stop what God has ordained! So, why are you questioning a no you’ve received? Why are you crying about a door that was shut in your face? Why are you depressed over an application that was denied, a promotion that was turned down or a…

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