Faith in Who?

sarah mother of isaacThis morning I had an epiphany, which is going to help me move forward in the next leg of the journey. You see God has shown me some things that He intends to do in my future and I have had to hold on for dear life, but lately, I have gotten weary and wanted to let go and honestly that is what I did for a while. But today something happened that let me know what the problem is. The problem is my faith was not fully in God. God showed me my faith was in God and man.

For those of you who understand what it’s like to carry a vision, it’s difficult. It’s difficult when God shows you that someone else is connected to the vision and they don’t see it.  After all, if God spoke to one person, wouldn’t He speak to the other person? Well I believe He will eventually. But that has nothing to do with your own belief system. Your faith, is the only faith you are responsible for. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Let’s take Abraham and Sarah. Both up in age and neither one of them had any children and they were both feeling some kind of way about it. But they thought it had gotten to the place where it was impossible. So Sarah get’s the bright idea to give her husband to a younger handmaid and “whoomp, there is it”, Hagar get’s pregnant and has a son.

Of course everyone knows a baby is a blessing from God. I happen to LOVE babies and would never reject any child, no matter how they came into the world. I would have been trying to help Hagar out. lol But guess what? This was not God’s promised child, even though He allowed that life to be born. This is where we get the phrase “making an Ishmael”. You see Ishmael was not God’s promise and Abraham pleaded with God to let this child live under His blessing, but God had a plan. Isaac was STILL on the way. But let me tell you why this situation is messed up. It’s messed up because Ishmael and Isaac are still fighting to this day (do your research). Someone didn’t have enough faith (Sarah) to trust God, and Abraham followed suit. So they took matters into their own hands and the results are still wrecking havoc to this day.

Let’s talk Mary and Joseph. Joseph found out Mary was pregnant and he tried his best to kick her to the curb, but there was only one problem. Mary was carrying something born of God. She was carrying the savior of the world! And some of you are carrying something that is totally from God and you are being kicked to the curb daily. But hold on! Keep your faith in GOD and not man.

I am not a wishy-washy person. I am steadfast in what I believe. Just ask my friends. Don’t tell me what God told you because if you do and forget about it or start doubting I will remind you of it 5 years from now. lol But yet I have become the most unstable person in my faith lately and God showed me why. I started looking for validation from man instead of keeping my eyes on Jesus. Look folks, don’t worry about who doesn’t believe and who does, or who has the same “revelation” and who doesn’t. If you are sure you didn’t make anything up and that you heard from God HOLD ON AND DON’T LET GO.

God revealed some things to me MANY years ago (I stopped saying how many) and what he told me THEN is happening NOW. All of it. There may have been a surprise or two, but we won’t even to into that. The basic story was given to me because God knew I had to know or else I would not be able to hold on. Well if God said it, and it’s happening even though contrary, why on earth would I give up now?! Well I’m not.

I am going to ignore the circumstances and keep my eyes on JESUS! I know that God can get the message to whoever he needs to and make it so there person hears him LOUD AND CLEAR!

I was lamenting about carrying my vision alone, but not anymore. I am better off carry it alone so that I can remain STABLE. I know my ability to hear from God. It’s proven and tested and it’s me and Jesus and may be until the day of manifestation and that is okay with me!

Hang on to what God said, no matter what!!!

Daniel 10:7-8 Living Bible (TLB)

I, Daniel, alone saw this great vision; the men with me saw nothing, but they were suddenly filled with unreasoning terror and ran to hide, so I was left alone. When I saw this frightening vision, my strength left me, and I grew pale and weak with fright.

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