Love Series: I Don’t Have a Clue

confused-womanHave you ever been there? Well I am in a conundrum! I don’t have a clue what to do or what is required of me, yet I feel there is an expectation.

As a woman what are we supposed to do about relationships? If a man shows no interest, says nothing and does nothing, then what are we are women to do? I was always told if he does nothing, neither do you.

For some reason in this day and age, that seems to be interpreted as disinterest. But where I come from, it means you’re a lady.

You see a lady NEVER chases a man. The reason is the minute you seem to put any effort into showing interest it will be turned around and thrown in your face and you will be made to seem like the chaser.

And really, what should you do if that man has interest in someone else? Double nothing. (Is that even proper English?) lol

I don’t have clue what to do, nor what is required of me. But I know what I can do and am doing. I am going to just work on me and when the time is right, I just trust things will come together.

No scripture. Just being real. 😉


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