Fix Your Own Fix


My late mother used to say “God will fix a fix to fix you”. Translation: God will create or allow a circumstance to bring about a change in you. And then my mother would go on to say if that fix did not fix you, God would allow another fix to fix you. 🙂 You gotta love that mother wisdom.

Well my take on that is that often we need to fix our own fix. I was thinking that the very thing that we desire can be blocked from our lives because of our own actions. Sometimes it’s just because we refuse to change.

I was thinking about how many of us are just like Balaam. Willful and going on our merry way doing what we want when God is steadily causing or allowing things to block us and we just keep on going. What we need to do is fix our own fix.

But often we just dig our heels in being strong-willed and stubborn. Well guess what? If we don’t listen to that circumstance, something bigger is going to come along and talk to us. Why not just fix it!

Often we wonder why is this happening. Well could it be that you just need to stop and change your direction and behavior. Could it be there is an “angel” in the road opposing you wrapped up in this negative circumstance?

There is an elderly lady that I drive around to run her errands. Yesterday she could barely walk, but she wanted me to drive her to the store for cigarettes. Maybe she should have stayed home and decided this is a good day to stop smoking but her circumstance would not stop her and that is just how many of us are.

Isn’t it time for us to fix our own fix by changing our behavior? What do you think?

Read Numbers 22

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