Love Series: A Human Experience


I’ve decided to keep the blog open. Whenever I say I am going close it, later, I always seem to feel compelled to keep writing. This is cathartic for me. And hopefully someone else is getting helped.

I’m pretty sure I received my answer to the question about this vision of a mate yesterday in the form of the circumstance speaking to me. I never chased this man. I simply shared what God showed me after he indicated he heard the same thing. But that was a long time ago.

If I was chasing him, I would have moved where he is when he tried to influence me to move, many times. And even then that would not be chasing, it would have been accepting an invitation. But thank GOD, I knew I was not supposed to move. Not for someone who hadn’t made a committment to me, didn’t love me and stayed in the shadows.

At the end of the day, love is a human experience, people follow their hearts and are not so much led by the spirit. In the absence of desire, it just ain’t gonna happen. And how do I know this? Well, if suddenly this man fell out of love, for some reason and came to me, I would not be interested. That is because I am human.

I’m not a chaser. People who know me, will tell you I am a reserved woman. Never chased a man and never will.

Yesterday, I got my answer. It came in the form of the circumstance. This man says he is in love with someone and she says she is in love with him and that leaves me out of the equation!

And even though I heard a song that said hold on, and saw a picture that said he needs you, I as a human reserve the right to let go! And I have. There is absolutely no reason for me to keep believing.

I wish them all the best and life goes on!

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