Love Series: Feeling So Stupid

Have you ever been there? I must be the dumbest woman on the planet to hold onto a pipe dream this long.

Yes, I know what I said, but there was something about watching that movie that was a reality check for me.

Ladies, if a man doesn’t want you MOVE ON!!! You can try to spiritualize things all you want, but the reality is if there is no desire its not going to happen.

I feel like an idiot. Sorry for the lament!

9 thoughts on “Love Series: Feeling So Stupid

  1. I agree with you on if it’s not in agreement between the two we as women mature faster then men, but i don’t agree with you calling it dumb. Sis if it is sent from God there is nothing dumb about. Honestly i feel your frustrating but it ain’t over till God say it’s over no matter how tired we are

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