Super Busy


I’ve been so busy lately but I have no complaints. It would however be nice to have a social life which included a man and not just women. I went out to dinner for the last two nights and I am looking in the faces of women all the time. But anyway, I am blessed.

God is doing something so amazing. People have suddenly started giving me 100.00 offerings. It’s really amazing! God is good. Supernatural provision!! God is also showing me something coming in the not to distant future, which was confirmed yesterday, but I will share it when it happens.

Sadly, my sister-in-law had a stroke, but is recovering. I am having to keep my brother encouraged daily.

Also, just call me the resident cab driver where I live. I am driving around some of the seniors who need help getting around. I am so excited because I got a job assignment coming up soon and I am hoping it leads to something on-going. 🙂

I am decreeing that I am on the verge of a breakthrough. That is what is happening with me. How about you?

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