Love Series: The Thin Line Between “Love” and Hate

There is a situation that I have been observing and asking God about and although I have been given insight on it, God has been showing me more.

But first I need to explain that I am NOT a negative person. I just have a prophetic calling that often requires me to bring words of warning. When heeded, warnings can stop a tragedy. Here is an example:

If God tells you to leave someone alone, LEAVE them alone. Last night I was watching a movie about the real life story of convicted killer Jody Arias. She is the woman who brutally stabbed and shot her ex-lover, Travis Alexander.

Sadly, this man had broken up with Jody, but in typical male fashion (not bashing) Travis decided to use Jody for sex after they had broken up and she murdered him. As I watched this movie, I thought about how this man probably never in a million years thought that Jody would end his life. Sometimes it’s the one who you least expect, the one who you trust the most who turns out to be the most dangerous.

Here was the problem. Travis was done with Jody, but he kept dealing with her for his own selfish needs. It would be just like God telling a man “No”about a woman, but that man refusing to let go. Well what do you think is going to happen when that woman does not get what she desires and finds out he knew it all along?

What used to upset me in this situation doesn’t even faze me. God is my only deal breaker! But this is a set up! Yes, that situation that I was observing was ordained, but not for marriage, but I believe to execute judgment. Don’t believe it? Trust me, it’s a very thin line between love and hate!

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